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The Book of Acts - Chapter 28


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On what island did Paul and the others from the ship find themselves after the shipwreck?
Malta (28:1)
When did a viper bite Paul?
When he had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on a fire (28:3)
What did the island natives think Paul was when they saw the viper bite him?
A murderer (28:4)
What did the island natives begin to say about Paul when they saw that the viper bite did not harm him?
That he was a god (28:6)
Who was Publius?
The leading man of the island where Paul was shipwrecked (28:7)
After the shipwreck, Paul was on the island in chapter 28 for how long?
Three months (28:11)
After the shipwreck, what was the figurehead of the new ship that took Paul to Rome?
The Twin Brothers (28:11)
What kept Paul from escaping while a prisoner in Rome?
A soldier who was guarding him and a chain (28:16, 20)
Who did Paul call together after arriving in Rome as a prisoner?
Leading men of the Jews (28:17)
How long did Paul stay a prisoner in Rome?
Two years (28:30)
Where was Paul held as a prisoner in Rome?
In his own rented quarters (28:30)
What did Paul do with his time while a prisoner in Rome?
Preached about the kingdom of God and taught concerning Jesus Christ (28:31)