13 terms

Chapter 7

the actions used by one nation to exercise political or economic control over a smaller or weaker nation
A country that is technically independent but is actually under the control of another country
Yellow Journalism
type of sensational biased and often false reporting for the sake of attracting readers
The quality or state of being self-governing
Extreme nationalism marked by aggressive foreign policy
Sphere of Influence
Section of a country where one foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers
Open door policy
A policy that allowed each foreign nation in China to trade freely in the other nations sphere of influence
Dollar Diplomacy
A policy of joining the business interests of a country with its diplomatic interests abroad
The open door policy ensured trading rights with this country
_________ and political domination of a strong nation over a weaker one is Imperialism
Sensational Stories
American support for Cuban rebels was fueled by this
Monoroe Doctrine
The Roosevelt Corollary was seen as a statement built on this
The belief that if American business leaders supported Latin American development, everyone would benefit is ___________ diplomacy.