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  1. Atherosclerosis
  2. Hemorrhage
  3. thrombus
  4. thrombocytopenia
  5. phlebitis
  1. a inflammation of a vein
  2. b stationary blood clot
  3. c build up of lipids in blood vessels
  4. d bleeding from a blood vessel
  5. e abnormally low platelet count

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  1. procedure in which occluded vessel is opened
  2. tissue decay due to lack of blood supply; may lead to death of tissue
  3. graphic record of heart's action potentials
  4. heart fails to pump enough blood
  5. narrowing of bicuspid; increases resistance of blood flow

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  1. pacemakerdeficient number of red blood cells or deficient hemoglobin


  2. rheumatic feverartificial device to give electrical conduction to atria


  3. Aneurysmabnormal widening of arterial wall


  4. Fibrillationvalves are not opening and closing as they should


  5. Arteriosclerosisloss of elasticity in blood vessels (hardening)