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What are the criteria for Adequate Food Storage and Preparation Facilities in gov owned or leased qrtrs?
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Other situations someone is not entitled to BAS:AWOL, excess leave, 2 yrs or less of educational leave of absence, no depns and in pan american or alympic games, serving court martial sentence w/ forfeitureWhen must enlisted members pay for governemtn furnished meals whether they eat em or not?Sea duty w/ AFDF, field duty w/ gov furnished meals, A school, E6 and below in UPH, in confinement with forfeitureWho can waive A school mandatory AFDF payments?CG-1332Enlisted personnel paying for gov furnished meals automatically can get refund when?On leave/auth absence, TDY where AFDF is unable to provide meals, hospitalized on in-patient basisIf enlisted member dies, mentally incompetent or otherwise cant pay for Gov furnished meals use form __DD139 Pay Adjustment Authorization FormWhen AFDF is temporarily closed and unable to provide meals who can authorize suspension of mandatory automatic pay account deductions?CG-1332How are suspension of automatic pay account deductions for meals submitted?CG 7220G Suspend Collection of CG Staandard Meal Rate Dedictions FormWhat is BAS-IIspecial rate of subsitence for personnel permanently assigned to UPH without food storage or prep facilities and no AFDFEligibility for BAS-II?Entitled to BAS, assigned UPH with no food prep or storage, no AFDF available and gov cant provide furnished mealsBAS-II is not authorized if an AFDF closes for less than __ days14 consecutiveMembers receiving BAS-II but ___ get BAS for that periodTDY away from PDS, hospitalized, excused absence and leaveCan enlisted RC members on any ADT receive BAS II?NoWhat is the BAS II rate?Twice the rate of BASHow is BAS II paid?As a second ENL BASWho can sign requests for BAS II? Delegation allowed?CO or OIC no delegationWho receives BAS II requests?CG 1332What is in BAS II requests?Rate, name emplid, UPH certification, characteristics of PDS qrtrs, state AFDF not available, durationAre reserves entitled to BAS on IDT?No, they get IDT subsistence AllowanceCadets are provided gov furnished meals on a __ basisSIK subsistence in kindCadets are not authorized __ while on TDY where per diem is authSIKWhat are t he types of housing allowances?BAH OHA FSH BAH-DIFF BAH-Transit BAH-Partial BAH-RCBAH is based ongrade, dependency status and locationOHA is a ____ based allowancecost reimbursementFSH-B follows the __ logic where FSH-O follows the __ logicFSH-B BAH FSH-O OHA___ determine adequate housing costs in a Military Housing Area (MHA) for all Uniformed Services' members authorized BAHThe Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee (PDTATAC)A Military Housing Area (MHA) is defined geographically by ___ within the United States.postal zip codeFor small military population areas, postal zip codes are aggregated into areas of similar housing cost and designated as ____County Cost Groups (CCG).A housing allowance (except____) is not authorized for members who are assigned to or occupying Government quarters appropriate to the grade, rank, or rating etcBAH Partial or BAHDIFFBAH starts on the member's ___PCS reporting dateOHA starts on the day the member ____obtains private sector housing.The authorization document for OHA is the ____Individual Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Report, Form DD-2367When does OHA FSH-O FSH-B stop?The day the lease terminatesWhen does BAH normally end?Day before members departs PCSWhen does housing allowance terminate IAW OCONUS homeport changeWhat is the rate for BAS-II?Fixed at twice the rate of standard ENL-BASWho ultimately approves/disapproves a BAS-II request?Commandant (CG-1332)What three things is BAH based on?Grade, Dependency Status, and LocationA single member in government quarters paying child support, may be authorized which type of housing allowance?BAH-DIFFWhat is an allowance intended to partially reimburse a member for expenses incurred while occupying temporary lodging OCONUS?Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)Who completes the TLA claims?The OCONUS unitWhat paygrade must you be to hold the title of Payment Authorizing Official (PAO)?E6+ or GS7+At max, how many days after reporting shall a member submit their travel claim?30 calendar daysUpon reporting, what are the first two worksheets member's should complete?CG-2005 and CG-2025Itemized receipts are required for expenditures over $75, lodging, airfare, and what else?Rental vehiclesHow long must a member retain copies of their travel voucher, orders, and receipts?75 monthThe Coast Guard utilizes a system known as TPAX to liquidate travel claims. What does TPAX stand for?Travel Preparation and ExaminationT or F: According to the JTR, hotel reservations may be made directly with the hotel to include the hotel's online website.TrueWhen TDY to a shore unit from a career sea pay eligible vessel, when would your CSP/CSPP eligibility cease?After 2400 on the 30th dayWhen a member goes TDY away from their overseas permanent station, on which consecutive day does their FSH terminate?The 59th consecutive day of TDYWhen a member is TDY to a CSP eligible vessel and residing in commercial quarters, are they entitled to sea pay/time?No, to be eligible they must be berthed and subsisted aboard the vessel.If a member goes TDY for over 30 days and has dependents, what entitlement may they receive?Family Separation Allowance (FSA)T or F: Authorizing Official's may digitally sign TDY orders.False, must be hand written in inkWhich manual governs the release of information contained in record systems?The Coast Guard Freedom of Information (FOIA) and Privacy Acts Manual, COMDTINST M5260.3(series)When checking out another member's PDR for official purposes, what must be completed first?A disclosure logWhat are the authorized means of destroying a PDR?Burning, Shredding, PulverizingA suitable container to store PDRs must protect the files comparable to a class ________ file cabinet.7110