Word Processing Review 2&3


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changing the layout of a document page or the design of text.
header and footer
adds the same text at the top and bottom of every page in your
What command will locate text in your document and replace it with alternative text.
ctrl + c
shortcut for copy
blank areas surrounding a document page
raises text or numbers above and to the right
when downloading an image, you should include this in your bibliography.
style most commonly used to generate a table of contents
ctrl + enter
shortcut to insert a page break
stealing someone else's ideas or work
word count
command to display number of pages, words and characters in a document
paint format
command that quickly apply format elements to other text in your document.
half inch
default spacing for tab stops along the ruler
ctrl + A
shortcut for selecting all of your content in a document
print preview
what view to inspect document before printing
shapes or graphics
visual representations of objects such as a circle or triangle
bring to front
command will move a selected object to the top layer, closest to the viewer
option to find related images
allows you to hide the edges of an image
wrap text
text flows around the image
which menu option contains the command to create a WordArt graphic in a word processor.
creates a multi-sided object
when using the mouse with this command allows you to create copies of shapes
shift and ctrl
two keys used with mouse to draw perfect circle
reset image
restores image to its original state