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Christmas Carol Comprehension

Why does the narrarator make such a point of Marley being dead?
Because there is no doubt that he is dead and now a ghost
Why does the weather not effect Scrooge?
He was bitter and carries his own low temperature
How is Fred different from Scrooge
He loves Christmas and has a good heart. Happy.
What do the "portly gentlmen" who come in after Fered want?
Donations for the poor
How does the door knocker change?
It turns into Marley's face.
Why does Scrooge like darkness?
It is cheap
What has Marley's ghost been doing since his death?
Roaming the Earth bound in chains he made in life.
What is the warning that Marley gives Scrooge?
Warning to change his ways so he does not end up like him
What are the phantoms upset?
Because they see people in need of help but cannot do anything.
Which Spirit was Scrooge most afraid of?
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
What was Marley's warning?
Change his ways or he will be doomed to the same fate as Jacob.
Why was Marley doomed to wander the world?
Marley had only focoused on business and profit, and not the welfare of fellow human beings.
What does the Ghost of Christmas Past mean when he says "there have been 1800 before me"?
Every year since Jesus' birth, a new Ghost of Christmas Present is born.
Who was Fezziwig?
Scrooge's former employer
What vocab word describes Fezziwig?
What Christmas tradition today is influenced by the book (Ghost of Christmas Present)
We feast
What are the names of the boy and girl under the cloak of Ghost of Christmas Present?
The boy is Ignorance and the girl is Want. They are man's burdens.
How did Scrooge's mood change at Fred's party?
He had a fun time and wanted to stay
What revelation does Scrooge come to when at
Fred's party?
He realises that he should have given Bob Crachit a higher salary and more Christmas Break
What does the spirit of christmas future look like?
Dark and gloomy with a hood on his head
What is this spirit's personality like?
Cold, Mysterious, silent
How does Scrooge feel about this spirit?
scrooge was fearful of the spirit but he knows it is there to do him good
What is the point of the long conversation between Joe and Ms. Dilber?
About stealing thing's from Scrooge's house after he died and how he pushed people away in life to profit them in death.
What are some of the words Dickens uses to create the mood in the biblic/shakesperic paragraph regarding death?
"Cold, dark dreadful gloomy death" The mood is scary
What does the Spirit show Scrooge when he asks to see some tenderness connected with death?
The Crachit's who are very sad that Tiny Tim is dead
Why is this stave needed when scrooges atitude had already changed so much?
to give him a final warning of what could
What was the strangest thing about the way the first spirit looked?
It was always changing, and Scrooge could not tell whether it was a man or a woman
What was Scrooges initial attitude toward the first spirit?
he was scared and unwilling to acompany the spirit.
What is different about Scrooge when he says "remember it? I could walk it with a blindfold."
He is excited because he is going to relive something that he enjoys.
Who is Scrooge talking about when he says, "Poor boy!"
His past schoolboy-self at school
what does it tell us about Scrooge when Dickens observes "a rapidity of transition very foreign to his usual character"?
he reveales that the inner Scrooge is longing to be happy
When Fan comes to pick up Scrooge, we learn a reason why he may have turned out the way he did. What is this reason?
Scrooges father hated him and sent him away.
Who is Belle and why is she important to Scrooge?
She was Scrooges fiance, but but she dumped him when he became greedy.
How does scrooge try to "extinguish the light?" Does he Succeed? What is the light a symbol of?
He tries to extinguish the flames on the spirits head so that he can shut out his past.
Who is Fred's mom?