LS Chapter 11: Ship's Maintenance and Material Management Systems


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What does 3-M stand for?
Maintenance and Material Management
What was developed to meet the need for a more effective means of recording, reporting and evaluating the maintenance requirements of the fleet?
What does MDS stand for?
Maintenance Data System
What provides a means of continuously reporting maintenance actions, equipment downtime, repair parts used and the maintenance personnel required to perform the work?
What are the ship's 3-M systems?
What does PMS stand for?
Planned Maintenance System
What does AMS stand for?
Alteration Management System
What does IMMS stand for?
Intermediate Maintenance Activity Maintenance Management System
What does IEM stand for?
Inactive Equipment Maintenance
What includes the frequency of performance, procedures for performing the maintenance and the skill level required to accomplish the work?
What is the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual?
What provides a standard means for planning, scheduling, controlling and performing planned maintenance to complex mechanical, electrical and electronic equipments?
What is used to record important scheduled and corrective maintenance information and electronic data-processing capabilities?
What are the three categories shipboard maintenance fall under?
-Organizational Level (ship personnel)
-Intermediate Level (outside the ship)
-Depot Level (Port facilities like shipyard)
What does MIP stand for?
Maintenance Index Page
What contains a brief description of the requirements on the maintenance requirement card for each item of equipment?
MIPs for all equipments in a department are maintained where?
department's master PMS record
What is a visual display of preventive maintenance requirements based on the ship's current overhaul cycle?
Cycle Schedule
What is used by department heads to assist in the quarterly planning of non-PMS-related activities, such as inspections and training?
Cycle Schedule
What is planned from the cycle schedule and is a visual display of the ship's employment schedule?
Quarterly Schedule
What is a visual display that is normally posted in the working area of each maintenance group?
Weekly Schedule
What is used to assign specific personnel to perform maintenance on specific equipment?
Weekly Schedule
What are Maintenance Data Systems three functions?
-recording maintenance actions
-define important facts about maintenance and equipment
-retrieving information for analysis
What is the Ship's Maintenance Action Form?
OPNAV 4790/2K
What forms are used for MDS entries?
NAVSUP Form 1250-1
DD Form 1348
What is the logical place to make sure that the request document is completely and accurately prepared?
Maintenance Supply Support Center (MSC)
What is the first to receive requests submitted by maintenance department representatives?
Maintenance Supply Support Center (MSC)
What does EIC stand for?
Equipment Identification Code
What is a seven-digit alphanumeric code that identifies a specific hardware item from the highest to the lowest level?
What is the COSAL Use and Maintenance Manual?
What identifies a specific item of equipment?
What identifies the system?
What does UIC stand for?
Unit Identification Code
After the MDS forms are prepared on the ship, they are submitted to what for processing?
TYCOM Data Processing Facility
What is determined if MDS is sorted by UIC?
total maintenance cost and man-hours for each ship
What is determined if MDS is sorted by EIC?
maintenance cost for each system, subsystem, or component of equipment
What is determined if MDS is sorted by APL/AEL?
maintenance cost and material usage for specific items of equipment
What is determined if MDS is sorted by NSN?
analyze past usage and predict future usage to providing a better COSAL
What code is entered to assist in the evaluation of supply storeroom support?
Source Code