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Unit 6 Church History Test Material - Notes

Marian Apparitions

appearances of Mary
revealed to simple people

Guadalupe, Mexico

16th Century
St. Juan Diego
image of Mary on his shirt

Lourdes, France

19th Century
St. Bernadette
Mary introduces herself as the Immaculate Conception

Fatima, Portugal

20th Century
3 Children
messages of prayer, conversion, repentance


The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment

advances in science led to different beliefs
attacks on the Church authority
glorification of reason


a charism, gift of the HS protecting from error


Vatican I

Vatican I

Pope Pius IX
20th EC
2 key documents

2 documents of Vatican I

faith and reason
modern social issues
addressing modern atheism

2 documents of Vatican I

papal infallibility


believed everything the Pope says is infallible

2 realms of Pope's teaching

ordinary teaching
papal encyclicals, letters, homilies, etc.

2 realms of Pope's teaching

"ex cathedra"
"from the chair of St. Peter"
Pope locks it in as dogma - "he confirms his brother in faith"
occurs twice in history

Most Common Infallible Teaching

when the Magisterium definetivly proclaims a doctrine on faith or morals to be universally upheld


Pope Pius IX declares the Immaculate Coneption


Pope Pius XII declares the Assumption of Mary


Vittorio Emanuelle unites Italy

Vittorio Emanuelle

unites Italy as king
overtakes papal statres and tells Pope Pius IX he can reside in Vatican

Pope Pius IX

resides in Vatican
"prisoner of teh Vatican"


prisoner of the Vatican


1st pope w/out the papal states
writes 87 encyclicals

Rerum Novarum

most significant encyclical of Pope Leo XIII
communion, socialism wrong, capitalism w/ good morals right


Mussolini signs Latera Treaty

Lateran Treaty

Mussolini and Pope Pius XI
declars Vatican as a sovereign nation

Pope Benedict XV

peace in WWI

Bl. Cardinal John Henry Newman

leading Anglican in England
becomes Catholic

Pope pius XII

WW2 - wrote no encycicals against Hitler in order to keep underground resistance (portecting Jews), and protect Christians

St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Teresa Benedicta

both against Hitler, both killed during WW2

Pope John XXIII

supposed to be "transition pope"
"Good Pope John"
addresses issues of early 20th Century in Vatican II

Vatican II

Church response to the modern world
Convened by Pope John XXIII in 1962, closed by Pope Paul VI in 1965
16 key documents written

16 Documents of Vatican II

1. 4 Constitutions
2. 9 Decrees
3. 3 Declarations
Difference of the intended audience

Lumen Gentium

1 of the 4 Documents
Light of Nations, on the Church
the Church is both visible and spiritual, Church is Mystical Body of Christ and hierarchically structured, all in Church have distinct but complimentary roles, holiness = universal vocation, Mary - model for Christian life

Dei Verbum

1 of the 4 Documents
The Word of God, on Divine Revelation
nature and relationship of Scripture and Tradition as the complimentary channels of divine revelation, they form a unity, teaching on proper interpretation

Sacrosanctum Concilium

The Sacred Council, on Liturgical Worship
new rites were developed for the Church, norm for mass - vernacular, priest face congregation

Gaudium et Spes

Joy and Hope, on the Role of the Church in the modern world
quick offerings for the Church on many social, moral, and phillisophical issues

Korol Wojtyla

born in Poland in 1920
became Pope John Paul II in 1978

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