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  1. puncture
  2. distinguish
  3. incense
  4. jeopardy
  5. contentious
  1. a tell apart; differentiate; recognize
  2. b quarrelsome; belligerent
  3. c danger; peril
  4. d make extremely angry; enrage; madden; infuriate
  5. e make a hole with a pointed object; pierce; perforate

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  1. loud noise; uproar; clamor; racket
  2. search thoroughly by turning over all the contents; ransack
  3. overturn; upset
  4. cause to be or look larger; enlarge; amplify; exaggerate
  5. make known; reveal; disclose

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  1. inundateflood; swamp; deluge


  2. municipalof a city or town


  3. deceasemake extremely angry; enrage; madden; infuriate


  4. traversepass across, over, or through; cross


  5. survivelive longer than; outlive; outlast