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  1. inundate
  2. velocity
  3. jeopardy
  4. illuminate
  5. traverse
  1. a flood; swamp; deluge
  2. b pass across, over, or through; cross
  3. c light up; lighten; brighten
  4. d speed; swiftness; celerity; rapidity
  5. e danger; peril

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  1. make known; reveal; disclose
  2. death; demise
  3. incapable of being heard; not audible
  4. long period of dry weather; lack of rain; dryness
  5. starve, suffer from extreme hunger, make extremely hungry

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  1. magnifycause to be or look larger; enlarge; amplify; exaggerate


  2. jeopardizedanger; peril


  3. incensedeath; demise


  4. contend1. compete; vie; take part in a a contest; fight struggle
    2. argue; maintain as true; assert


  5. contentiousquarrelsome; belligerent