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APCS4 - Masks & Channels

Channels contain
an image's color and selection information
isolate and protect parts of an image
Quick Mask
temporary - used to make selections
Alpha Channels
are permanent masks (saved selections)
Key concept of masking
black hides, white reveals
Quick Mask Mode
paint to apply/remove mask
Painting with black
add the mask
Painting with white
removes the mask
Painting with gray
Partially masks
Save Selection
saves as an Alpha Channel, can be used over and over again (go to Select > Save Selection)
Load Selection
Go to Select > Load selection to reload the selected area
Layer Masks
Attached to a specific layer -- controls what part of the layer is hidden or revealed
Layer Masks Thumbnail
Located next to the layer thumbnail on the layer it is attached to
Layer Mask Selected
Click the layer mask thumbnail -- places a black outline to show it is selected and active
Clipping Group
You can mask artwork on one layer using an image from another layer. In a clipping group, the bottom layer(base layer), masks or controls the shape of any successive layers.