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Endocrine system subsection

9 gland in endocrine system; only 4 included in subsection

Thyroid Gland, Excision

Partial or subtotal; Within the endocrine system description , the terms subtotal and partial mean something less than the total

Nervous system

The peripheral nervous system refers to the nervous structures outside of the central nervous system

Skull,Meninges, and Brain

When reporting a craniectomy / craniotomy procedure. it is common to also code grafting procedures

Surgery of the skull Base Terminology

In the Surgery of Skull Base, the APPROACH PROCEDURE is the METHOD used to obtain exposure of the lesion .
In the surgery of skull base, the DEFINITIVE PROCEDURE is what is DONE to the lesion

Surgery of Skull Base

During skull-based surgery. if one surgeon performs the approach and a second physician performs the definitive and a third physician performs the closure, no modifier is used

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CFS) Shunt (62180-62258)

Shunts are devices used to : relieve pressure in the brain caused by fluid build up

Introduction/injection of Anesthetic Agent, Diagnostic of Therapeitic LAMINECTOMY --

is often performed with a arthrodesis

Introduction/injection of Anesthetic Agent, Diagnostic of Therapeitic

is the compression of intact nerves

Introduction/injection of Anesthetic Agent, Diagnostic of Therapeitic

is the most commonly known neuroplastic procedure

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