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The Great War (questions)


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who belonged to secret alliances and promised to defend one another from attack
European countries
what are the 4 main reasons of world war 1
why did the U.S. join the great war
1. the Germans sunk the Lusitania
2. the Germans sunk 5 merchant ships
3. the Germans tried to be allies with Mexico
who was a Central Power ,not an Allied Power during World War 1
why did President Wilson change his mind about entering WWI
Germans sank 5 American ships
what are 3 reasons WWI is different from other wars
1.soldiers used to fight face to face
2.new weapons (tanks,machine guns,poisonous gas)
3.air planes were used
what was the dangerous space filled with barbed wire and land mines between the trenches of opposing armies called
no-mans lands
when worker left to fight the war who were they replaced by
woman and African Americans
one major effect WWI had on the U.S. is that it helped the economy grow
because Europe needed more American goods
the Treaty of Versailles was written at the end of WWI what did it say
1. Germany alone was responsible for the war
2. all countries signing would join the League of Nations
3. Germany had to repay all counties for all the damages
after the war what grew in response to job and wage cuts resulting from the end of the war
labor unions
the end of WWI affected woman's right to vote because
politicians changed their minds after seeing woman's positive things during the war