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Network design must consider all of the factors except?

acceptable use policies

Structured cabling is a design considered related to which of the following?

Internal connections

considered characteristics of a SOHO network except?

wide variety of enterprise-level services & servers

Quantifying the need for equipment, OS, & network application is a function of?


This can be used to avoid using a full-blown file server?

Network attached Storage (NAS)

What factor does not effect equipment room except for?


Compatibility issues stemming from newer equipment or applications when integrated with older or legacy ones are called?

backward compatibility

is a compatibility issue with wireless networking?


This is not design consideration with cable structured?

data flow

reduce equipment needs, consolidate servers, & provide security features to a network?


enables access and management capabilities on servers and network devices even when there is no power to the device?

lights-out management

are security issues inherent in network design except?

data format

factors involved in router selection except?

vlan support

What is an mtu compatibility issue that can occur when an ethernet network connects to an isp wan connection

MTU mismatch

What is the maximum Transmission unit for ethernet?

1500 bytes

What is an MTU issue that can happen when a network device blocks ICMP traffic?

MTU black hole

design considerations affects the bandwidth and reliability of external connections?

ISP Selection

Door locks, deadbolts & motion sensors that protect equipment rooms are all forms of which type of security?


design considerations in a network IP address scheme except?

MAC addressing

switch features can be used to prevent broadcasts from spanning networks?


not a consideration when considering electrical and environmental issues in equipment rooms?


desired feature on a network switch?

Power over ethernet & vlan support

Network compatibility issues affect interoperability of all of the following except?


ways that peripherals, such as printers & scanners, may be networked?

dedicated NIC & shared from computer

Design considerations such as purpose and functionality, OS, redundancy, and backups primarily affect which of the following devices?


are considerations when selection workstations except?


considerations in determining network needs except?

determining file & folders access permissions

Which of the following are considered network peripherals?

Printer & scanner

steps determines the requirements for the network?

define the network needs

are considerations in designing and building a network?

Requirements, compatiblity issues, security, & peripherals

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