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No other artist reaches fluently in lithographic form, no other artist has devoted themselves so wholeheartedly in lithography to deal with the major issues of the day.

Honore Daumier

Explored the lithography medium to its full potential.

Honore Daumier

A realist in recording what is in front of him, but as far as technique goes he is NOT a realist.

Honore Daumier

Believes in the goodness of people, as compared to Goya who paints and believes the evil twisted of people.

Honore Daumier

Great realist, and he makes the situation quite real. With the on-the-spot eye of a reporter, he thrusts us into the scene dramatizing the subject.

Rue Transnonian,
early 19th

Nothing he loved more than thales of characters of heroes from the past.

Pygmalion, from Storeis of Ancient TIme, Charivari
mid 19th

Greatest artist of chiaroscuro.

Honore Daumier

Expressiveness of drawing sets him apart from his contemporaries.

First Class,
Honore Daumier
mid 19th

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