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Africa History 4b - Study Guide


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Great Britain & France
European nations that had the greatest influence in Africa in the early 1900s.
Black South Africans
They could vote and hold office at the end of Apartheid.
civil rights leader
He would write a personal account in a letter of how apartheid affected black citizens
Within 2 decades after the Berlin Conference, Europeans claimed ___ of all African territory.
Example: European leaders staking land claims in Africa during the Berlin Conference
African Union
organization that evolved out of the Pan-Africa movement
country that won control of South Africa in the Boers War
helped to unify Africans against their colonial situation; created stronger bonds between the nations of Africa
expand their economies
major reason why European countries established colonies in Africa during the 19th century
trade unions and independence movements
reason why decolonization began to occur in Africa after World War 2
conflict between different ethnic groups
a challenge faced by Nigeria after it gained independence from Great Britain in 1960
F.W. de Klerk
last president before Nelson Mandela's election; officially ended apartheid
hurting economy and international reputation
reason white leaders ended apartheid in South Africa in the 1990s
Nelson Mandela
first non-white elected president
racial discrimination in South Africa from 1948 - 1994
basic human rights
Apartheid deprived blacks of this.