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Africa Govt and Economy: Study Guide


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central government hold most of the power
presidential democracy
Kenya and Nigera have this form of government.
the legislative branch in Kenya that makes the laws
South Africa
This country has the strongest form of government today where citizens and leaders work together.
the executive who enforces the laws
prime minister
answers directly to the legislature
power is shared among different levels of this government
an individual ruler makes the most important governmental decisions
people (citizens)
they decide who represents them in a democracy
parliamentary democracy
South Africa has this form of government.
Jomo Kenyatta
Kenya's 1st president in 1963 after gaining independence from Great Britain
5 year term
the major difference between Kenya's government and American government
major problem in both Kenya and Nigeria's government
government instability
examples include poor education, poverty, famine, disease, civil war
This describes the infection which ranks highest in the world and located in Sub-Saharan Africa.
anti-retroviral drugs
more money on infrastructure and healthcare
This would help combat (stop) the spread of AIDS in Africa if the government is stable.
prevention and treatment programs
This can help combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.
female boarding schools
Kenya and Sudan have more educational opportunities for girls because of this.
The government of South Africa when the minority whites ruled during apartheid.
too expensive
reason more Africans infected with HIV/AIDS do not take antiretroviral drugs
Civil war and conflicts lead to this when farming is disrupted and little food is produced
South Africa
economic resources of this country includes gold, diamonds, and platinum
medicine distribution
A major consequence of civil wars affecting the treatment of AIDS patients
oil reserves
economic resource of much of Nigeria
allows people to do a more efficient job at producing what they make best and trade for the things they want
a tax that protects new industry and raises the price of imported goods
Nigeria's economy could best be described as this because of its government regulations and personal business freedoms.
A limit placed on the quantities of a product that can be imported
This results when a nation has extra products to sell to others.
high standard of living
high literacy rate equals this
an example of a capital investment
common currency
A major priority of the African union to unite the nations economically is to create this.
tariffs, quotas, embargoes
trade barriers
an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country. This was enacted on South Africa's oil to persuade them to end apartheid.
an element that has economic value and essential to nuclear weapons
conflict diamonds
these are sold to fund wars and rebellions
South Africa is mostly known for exporting this.
oil, coffee, aluminum
major economic resources in Africa