15 terms

APCS4 - General Info

Refers to the number of small squares (pixels) that describe an image and establish its detail
Crop tool
Can be used to straighten and cut out parts of an image
Crop Marquee
Once drawn, this can be changed using the sizing handles, it can be rotated as well
Used to isolate parts of an image to change just those parts without affecting anything else.
Selection Area
Only part of an image that would be affected
Selections based on
size, shape, and color of the item you want to select
Copy selected area
by holding down Option and dragging out duplicate
Elliptical Marquee
selects elliptical or circular objects
Rectangular Marquee
selects square or rectangular objects
Can be used to draw freehand selection areas
Polygonal Lasso
Selects based on straight-line segments of an object
Magnetic Lasso
Combination of regular and polygonal lasso -- can detect boundaries between selection area and its surroundings.
Quick Selection
Selects by sensing edges around the object being selected
Magic Wand
Selects based on similarity in colors
On Magic Wand -- controls # of colors selected -- the higher the number, the more colors selected.