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purpose of skin

prevents the loss of water and covers the whole body

purpose of skin

protects the body from injury and infection

purpose of skin

regulates body temperature

purpose of skin

eliminates waste

purpose of skin

gathers information about the environment

purpose of skin

produces vitamin d

what happens when you become too warm?

blood vessels enlarge to increase the amount of blood that flows theough them

how do sweat glands react to excess heat?

they produce perspiration

how does excess heat from your body move into the air?

as perspiration evaporates from your skin, heat moves into the air

what are 3 things nerves in your skin provide information about?

pressure, pain, temperature

what is needed for skin to produce vitamin d?


why is vitamin d healthy for strong bones?

it helps the cells in your digestive system absorb calcium in your food which you need for your body


outermost layer of skin


below the epidermis and above the fat layer

fat layer

lower layer below dermis

structures found in epidermis

epidermal cells, pores, dead cells, cell to produce hard nails, melanin

structures found in dermis

nerves and blood cells, sweat glands, hair follicles, oil glands

structures found in fat layer

fat cells

function of the epidermis

protect the body, produce melanin to prevent burns, hard nails for protection, shedding helps remove bacteria, dead cells cushion

function of the dermis

keep skin moist from oil glands, produce sweat

function of the fat layer

pad internal organs, keep heat in the body

what is one way to keep healthy skin?

clean and dry skin

what is one way to keep healthy skin?

drink water

what is one way to keep healthy skin?

limit exposure to the sun

what is one way to keep healthy skin?

eat properly

skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle is

muscle tissue

skeletal and smooth muscle are


cardiac is

involuntary and doesn't get tired

why do skeletal muscles work in pairs?

so they can contract not extend


muscle connected to tissue


tires quickly


doesn't tire quickly

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