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a section at the back of a book or document that gives additional information


words below/beside photographs or charts telling you why the picture is there


a sheet presenting information in the form of a graph or table

Comprehension Check

Question(s) after a section, paragraph or chapter


A simple drawing using lines to explain where something is, how something works, etc.


a picture, diagram, etc. that is referred to as a number


Alphabetical list of people, places, events and terms


A planned drawing consisting of line(s) showing how 2 or more sets are related to each other.


a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about, found inside the book, titles a paragarph, section, etc.


Page(s) at the back of the book that tell where to find every important idea, term, place, person and definition in the book. Lists the page number the term is found on.


Information presented in visual form to tell you where something is or where it happened.


A picture that emphasizes key points and adds interest.

Bold Print

Text that is heavier and darker than the rest of the text.


A list of facts or numbers arranged in a special order, usually in rows and columns.

Table of Contents

List that shows the major chapters and parts of the book as well as the page number.


A visual representation of events in history displayed in chronological order.


Names what you are going to be reading about (the main idea of the entire book).

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