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  1. spasmodic
  2. opinionated
  3. deadlock
  4. mediocre
  5. pilfer
  1. a (adj) stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's own ideas, habing a closed mind
  2. b (V) to steal in small quantities
  3. c (adj) average, ordinary, undistinguished
  4. d (n) a standstill resulting from the opposition of two equal forces or factions; (v) to bring to such a standstill
  5. e (adj) sudden and violent but brief; fitful; intermittent

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  1. (v) to seize and hold a position by force or witihout right
  2. (v) to make fun of rudely or unkindly; (n) a rude remark of derision
  3. (adj) difficult or impossible to read
  4. (n) an opening, gap, rupture, rift; a violation or infraction; (v) to create an opening, break through
  5. (adj) commonplace; overused, stale

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  1. cherubic(adj) resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful round or chubby face; sweet and innocent


  2. salvage(n) a citizen of another country; (adj) foreign, strange


  3. pauper(V) to steal in small quantities


  4. terminate(v) to bring to an end


  5. exorcise(adj) brief and to the point