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What QuickBooks Edition can only have up to 3 users?
QuickBooks Pro
Which QuickBooks Edition is a web browser based product?
QuickBooks Online
Which QuickBooks Edition allows Advanced Inventory Functions?
QuickBooks Enterprise
How many major account types are there cumulative between a Profit and Loss Statement and a Balance Sheet?
What type of account is used to show the amount a product costs you at the time it is sold?
Cost of Goods Sold
On a Cash Basis, you can write off Bad Debt for invoices you never received payment for?
How many sections of the Home Page are there?
The top bar on the QuickBooks Window is called?
The Title Bar
What is a required field when creating a new QuickBooks Company File?
Company Name
What is not a status in the Leads Center?
How many dashboard windows are available in the Company Snapshot?
When using the document attachment feature, after you attach a document, where is the QuickBooks attached document stored?
In an Attach folder located in the same file location as your QuickBooks file
Where can you find the preference that will display your icon in color?
Desktop View, My Preferences
Where can you find the option to add specific icons to the Home Page?
Company Preferences
In what "view" can you see account balances listed on the right hand side of your Home Page?
Top Icon Bar
What email requires a separate program to be installed on your computer?
QuickBooks stores your Web Email password at the time you create the account?
QuickBooks Email requires you to have a paid subscription with?
QuickBooks allows you to create multiple email templates?
QuickBooks Templates allows you use database fields?
How many Admin users can you have in one QuickBooks file?
Which user/s have the capability to change their password?
All Users
What menu option will display your icon bar at the top of your screen under the menu bar?
Menu Bar, View, Top Icon Bar
Where can you find the option to add the Open Windows List?
Menu option "View"
How many different types of accounts can you create in the Chart of Accounts?
How many different Profit and Loss specific accounts are there in QuickBooks?
How many email addresses can be stored in a primary customer record?
How many custom fields can you have for your Customer List in QuickBooks Premier?
In the Income Tracker, you can select random and multiple transactions (Invoices for example) and print them as a batch?
You can create 1099's from the Vendor Center?
What is the purpose of a double sided item?
To correctly post the income and expenses when used on the items tab
In the Item List, how many sub-levels can be created be created?
What QuickBooks Edition only allows a percentage Price Level?
QuickBooks Pro
You can use Price Levels in sales transaction without assigning them to a customer?
An example of an "Other Name" is a gas station that you always pay by credit or debit card?
What functions does the Layout Designer allow you to do?
Add text boxes to your template
You can have 2 of the exact same template name in the Templates List?
If the Markup Column is not available in the Estimate, what list do you have to modify to add it?
Where do you go to add Progress Invoices as a feature?
Company Preferences
Which form creates backorders in QuickBooks?
Sales Orders
Back Orders are automatically generated if the inventory is not in stock?
Using multiple Accounts Receivable accounts is recommended to make keeping track of different types of income easier?
Which sales transaction does not require the use of a customer name?
Sales Receipt
What feature in QuickBooks allows you to create multiple invoices for group of customers for the exact same items?
Batch Invoices
Batch Invoicing is located under what menu options?
You can choose more than one group at a time to process batch invoices for?
Assuming you file sales and use tax, voiding an invoice in a prior period won't affect your sales tax for your current month?
Customer Deposits is usually set up as what type of account?
Other Current Liability
What type of items are set up to handle bounced checks?
Other Charge
Vehicle mileage is found under which menu option?
The credit card information in a customer records uses what merchant services?
Intuit Merchant Services
When recording a deposit from Undeposited Funds to you bank, you don't change the accounts the payments came from?
What type of business would typically use Statements?
A lawyer that bills detailed expenses as they occur
The memo line in an Invoice is displayed to the customer in what type of transaction?
The _______________ list allows you to keep track of your company's property.
Fixed Asset List
How many custom fields can you have in your Items list in QuickBooks Premier?
How many total sub levels can you add to an item?
In what list will you find a type of transaction for Sales Tax?
Item List
What type of vendor transaction can be emailed to a vendor?
Purchase Order
In what type of transaction is the item tab not displayed?
Journal Entry
In an Unpaid Bills Detail report, a transaction that is displayed as a type "Bill Pmt-Check" represents a _________ type of transaction that was deleted?
Rent expense is an example that goes in which box on a 1099 form?
When reconciling an account, what would make a beginning balance different from the statement's beginning balance?
A prior reconciled entry was modified or deleted
Which Payroll Subscription allows you to prepare State and Federal Payroll Tax Forms within QuickBooks?
To change your paystub settings, you must modify them in the _______________.
Payroll Employees Company Preferences
What menu option will you find the ability to change your payroll taxes payment type to E-Pay?
Payroll Setup
Where will you find the option to turn on/off Workers Compensation?
Payroll Employee, Company Preferences
If a customer purchased inventory from you and you paid sales tax on it, and never paid the bill, what type of transaction would you typically create to cancel that accounts receivable?
Credit Memo
A Memorized Transaction Group allows you to create multiple transactions all at once.
A memorized transaction can be set to be automatically entered bi-annually.
Vehicles would be set up as what type of account in the Chart of Accounts?
Fixed Asset
The Audit Trail report is found under what report heading?
Accountant and Taxes
Both budgets and forecasts are available in all editions of QuickBooks?
Budgets can be created by what additional criteria?
What format is the original technology for the import and export of lists within QuickBooks?
When running a rebuild in QuickBooks, what key can you hold down when starting the rebuild to bypass making a backup copy?
The recommended file size limit in QuickBooks Pro and Premier is?
How many customers can you have in a customer list in QuickBooks Premier?