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Pouvoir, Vouloir et Devoir


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to be able
je peux
I can, am able
tu peux
you can/are able to (informal/singular)
il/elle/on peut
he/she/one can, is able to
nous pouvons
we can, are able to
vous pouvez
you can, are able to (plural/formal)
ils/elles peuvent
they can, are able to
to have to (must, should)
je dois
I have to (must, should)
tu dois
you have to (must, should) (singular/informal)
elle/il/on doit
she/he/one has to (must, should)
nous devons
We have to (must, should)
vous devez
you have to (must, should)(formal/plural)
ils/elles doivent
they have to (must, should)
je veux
I want to
tu veux
you want to (singular, informal)
il/elle/on veut
he/she/one wants to
nous voulons
we want to
vous voulez
you all want to (formal/plural)
ils/elles veulent
they want to
Je voudrais
I would like

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