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Sugar in RNAribose sugar3 parts of a nucleotidesugar, phosphate, nitrogenous baseRelationship between a chromosome, dna, and a geneA chromosome is made up of DNA and a section of DNA is a genemRNA (messenger RNA)carries information from DNA out of the nucleustRNA (transfer RNA)carries amino acids to the ribosomea type of frameshift mutationdeletion or insertionHow to translate mRNA into amino acidsuse codon chartCodonset of 3 bases that code for an amino acidsubstitution mutationthe change from one base to anotherinversion mutationWhen a section of DNA gets flippedKnowing the base pair rules of DNA led to...Finding the correct structure of DNAKnowing DNA's structure led to...the discovery of the human genomeTranscribe: TAC -GCG - CCC - TAG - ATC - ATTAUG - CGC - GGG - AUC - UAG - UAA