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When was homo heidelbergensis alive?

800,000-100,000 years ago

How are height and weight compared to homo sapien?

essentially modern

what was homo heidelbergensis' brain size?

1280 cc

Where was homo heidelbergensis found?

Europe, Asia, Africa

When and where was the Mauer jaw recovered?

sand pits in Germany, 1907

what are the general features of the Mauer jaw

both primitive (robust) and derived (small) teeth

what are the general features of homo heidelbergensis?

insipient chin, massive brow ridges, less prognathic face, small teeth, thinner vault bones

how do homo heidelbergensis cranial features compare to homo erectus

smaller teeth, higher, more round cranial vault

What was recovered at the Atapuerca site?

heidelbergensis remains 10-16 years old

When was the Atapuerca site occupied

400,000 years ago

What happened to heidelbergensis in Africa?

evolved into archaic homo sapiens then us

what happened to heidelbergensis in europe?

evolved into neanderthalensis

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