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The cause of death, whether natural, homicide, suicide, accident, or undetermined, is normally determined by performing an __________ and investigating the circumstances surrounding the death


In cooperation with the medical examiner or coroner, evidence retrieved from a deceased victim to be submitted to the crime laboratory should include___________,_____________,___________,_________,___________,__________, and _________

Victim's clothing, fingernail scrapings, head and pubic hairs, blood, vaginal oral and anal swabs, recovered bullets, hand swabs for GSR

In determining the time of death, ___________ occurs after death and results in the stiffening of body parts in the position they are in when death occurs, _________ occurs after death and results in the settling of blood in areas of the body closet to the ground, and _______ refers to post mortem changes that causes a body to lose heat.

Rigor Mortis, Post Mortem Lividity, Algot Mortis

Another approach for estimating the time of death is to determine potassium levels in the _________ fluid


The field of _________ takes advantages of the durable nature of bones over long periods of time to examine and identify human skeletal remains through a multitude of individual characteristics.

Forensic Anthropology

The female bone structure differs from the make structure within the ________ areas because a woman;s childbearing capabilities


A forensic anthropologist may also help create a ________ of the decedent from which a composite drawing of the victim can be drawn and advertised inan attempt to identify the victim.

Facial Reconstruction

T/F: The definite identification of remins cannot be made through the analysis of the decedent's DNA profile, fingerprints, or medical records


T/F: A site where heman remains are found must be treated as a crime scene, and the site and surrounding arear should be secured, searched and carefully processed.


Once all bones or evidence is found at a "tomb" site, a ________ should be made to show the exact location of each item


The study of insects and their relation to a criminal investigation, known as __________, is commonly used to estimate te time of death when the circumstances surrounding the crime are unknown

Forensic Entomology

By determining the oldest stage of fly found on the body and taking environmental factors into consideration, entomologists can approximate the _________ interval


The entomological evidence collected at a scene should include samples from every area where insects are found and __________ measurements


T/F: Another method of determining PMI is observing the schedule of arrival of various insect species on the body.


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