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date of birth


place of birth

Stratford-upon-Avon, England

period of time in which Shakespeare was born

Renaissance (rebirth of arts, music, literature)

parents of Shakespeare

Mary and John

wife of Shakespeare

Anne Hathaway

children of Shakespeare

Susanna, Hamnet, Judith

when Shakespeare started working and acting in London


Shakespeare's job in London in 1592

writing plays and poems, director

when Shakespeare built the Globe


name of the theatre Shakespeare built

the Globe

who Shakespeare built the Globe with

troupe of actors-The Lord Chamberlain's Men

where the Lord Chamberlain's Men performed before the Globe Theater

Blackfriars Theater and Rose Theater

what the Lord Chamberlain's Men's name was changed to in 1603

The King's Men

when the plays of Shakespeare were recorded

after his death

Shakespeare wrote for the masses by including () and ()

witty and clever dialogue; goofy, slapstick, crude humor

how many plays Shakespeare wrote


the 3 types of play Shakespeare wrote

comedy, tragedy, history

Shakespeare based his plots on ()

well-known stories

Shakespeare's plays had () characters


iambic pentameter

an alternating pattern of 5 stressed and unstressed syllables


character speaks own thoughts that only the audience hears


14 lined poems; ab, ab, cd, cd, ef, ef, gg rhyme scheme; rhyming couplet @ the end

the prologue to Romeo and Juliet is written as a ()


the prologue to Romeo and Juliet is an () to the play, (), and is spoken by the ()

introduction, presents events to come, chorus


characters, speak together, observe and make comments on events in the play, sometimes make predictions

when Shakespeare died

April 26, 1616 at age 52

the Globe Theater is an () sided building


the Globe Theater is () in middle


the Globe Theater stage ()

jutted out to the middle


cheapest seats

the canopy of the Globe Theater covered about () of the stage


why the canopy of the Globe Theater covered about 1/2 of the stage

if it rained, they could still perform; added dimension to the play

the stage of the Globe Theater had doors on () to enter and exit

both sides of the stage

there was a () on the stage of the Globe Theater

trap door

Tiring House

used for storage, scenery, props, costumes, dressing room; additional space for scenes; two large doors opened to it

who/what sat in the balcony of the Globe Theater

musicians, sound effects

why there wasn't a lot of scenery

not a lot of space to store it (audience had to use imagination)


small objects that could be carried on and off the stage easily

when the Globe Theater burnt down


how the Globe Theater burnt down

cannon was fired during a performance of Henry the 8th


presents the sad tale of the fall of a noble character; arouses pity and fear in the audience

characteristics of a tragic hero

grand in physical and social stature, possesses a tragic flaw

setting for Romeo and Juliet

Verona, Italy

main characters of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet

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