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Geography Final Exam

Cairns, Au
What City? The Great Barrier Reef
What City? The Garden Story
What City? The Golden Mile
What City? Philip Island
What City? The Harbour Bridge
What City? The Opera House
What City? Bondi Beach
What City? Queen Victoria Building
What City? The Blue Mountains
What City? Ayer's Rock (Uluru)
What City? The Gold Coast
Brisbane (Gold Coast)
What City? Surfer's Paradise
Hunter Valley (New South Wales)
What City? Australia's most famous wine producing city
What City? Australia's surfing city
What City? Capital of Australia
Darwin or Alice Springs (Aus)
What City? The Olgas
What City? The Adventure Capital of Australia
Side trip from Melbourne
What City? Tasmania
What City? City of Sails
Oban, NZ
What City? Stuart Island
Pahia (North Island, NZ)
TWhat City? he Bay of Islands
Rotorua, NZ
What City? Glowworm Caves (Waitomo Caves)
What City? Capital of New Zealand
What City? Mt. Cavendish
What City? Mt. Cook
What City? Southern Alps
What City? The most vineyards in all of NZ
What City? Capital of Tahiti
What City? Capital of Fiji
What City? Capital of Guam
Vast arid, near-empty center of Australia"
What/Where is it? The Outback
What/Where is it? 70% of continent is Outback
The holy sites for the Aborigines
What/Where is it? The Olgas
Some of the few remaining giant tree- the world's largest trees, over 170ft tall and over 1200 yrs old!! In the native forest region of Whangarei New Zealand and also in Western Australia
What/Where is it? The Kauri
Was a leading French Post-Impressionist artist
What/Where is it? Paul Gauguin
Means peace in Israel, but is also used as a greeting or a farewell.. (hello or goodbye)
What/Where is it? Shalom
Aka Big Fiji.. this is where most travellers go when they say they are going to Fiji with many hostel resorts and Fijis capital, Nadi
What/Where is it? Viti Levu
(part of Micronesia), A ring shaped coral group of Islands, attracts mostly divers, and is relatively un-commercialized
What/Where is it? Kiribati
New Zealand's aboriginal people
What/Where is it? Maori
Was the founder of the religion of Islam, and was regarded by Muslims as a messenger and a prophet by God
What/Where is it? Mohammed
Are farms that offer an alternative to a chain hotel
What/Where is it? Kibitzes
A north-south imaginary line on the surface of the Earth, passing through the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where the date changes as a ship or airplane travels east or west across it
What/Where is it? The International Dateline
A town on the American Samoa Island(one of the Tahitian Islands) that offers deep sea fishing and great hiking
What/Where is it? Pago Pago
Caves in New Zealand where you can see 1000s of glowworms in the ceiling
What/Where is it? Waitomo
Palestine can refer to "ancient Palestine," an area that today includes Israel and the Palestinian territories, as well as parts of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria
What/Where is it? Palestine
Is a landlocked territory and is the eastern part of the 3 Palestinian territories; on the west bank of the Jordan River in the Middle East.
What/Where is it? West Bank
Jerusalem (in the old city)
What city? The Wailing Wall
Jerusalem (outside the old city)
What city? The Dead Sea Scrolls
Jerusalem (outside the old city)
What city? Garden Tombs
What city? The Capital of Israel
What city? The Sea of Galilee
What city? The Church of Nativity
Tel Aviv
What city? Ben Gurion Airport
Eliat (israel)
What city? Excellent Coral Reef Diving
What city? Oldest City in the World
What city? King Herods Palace
What city? Mohammed's Birthplace
Saudi Arabia?
What city? The Kingdom Tower
What city? Burj Al Arab Hotel
What city? Temple of Hercules
What city? 2000 years old Archaeological Site
What city? Mohammed's Burial Site
Capital of? Australia
Pago Pago
Capital of? American Samoa
Capital of? Cook Islands
Capital of? Fiji
Capital of? French Polynesia (Tahiti)
Capital of? Kiribati
Capital of? Marshall Islands
Capital of? Micronesia
Capital of? Nauru
Capital of? New Caledonia
Capital of? New Zealand
Capital of? Northern Mariana Islands
Capital of? Nuie
Capital of? Palau
Port Moresby
Capital of? Papua New Guinea
Capital of? Pitcarin
Capital of? Samoa
Capital of? Solomon Islands
Nuku' Alofa
Capital of? Tonga
Capital of? Tuvalu
Port Vila
Capital of? Vanuatu
-Popular honeymoon spot for Japanese Well developed tourist destination- diving,
Micronesia Island/What is it? Saipan
-Ring Shaped group of Islands -Relatively uncommercialized -Attracts divers
Micronesia Island/What is it? Kiribati
-Principal destination spot of Micronesia -U.S Military presence ensure good air -Water sports, WWII history, & golf
Micronesia Island/What is it? Guam
-Occupies the eastern half of the large island of New Guinea -Western half is Indonesia -Popular for divers, people with interest in -Expensive, crime is a problem
Melanesia Island/What is it? Papua New Guinea
-Made up of 80 islands -Tropical climate - always hot and wet -Visitors enjoy boating, diving and breath-
Melanesia Island/What is it? Vanuatu
-over 300 Islands, one of the most visited destinations of the South Seas -Cruises are popular with smaller boats -Viti Levu (Big Fiji) is the most common for
Melanesia Island/What is it? Fiji Islands
-make up the western part of French Polynesia -Tahitian islands include; Bora Bora, Moorea,
Polynesia Island/What is it? The Tahitian Islands
-Somewhat crowded -Good spot for boat lovers... no reefs!
Polynesia Island/What is it? Tonga
-More American than Polynesian -Good for travellers who want some -Deep sea fishing and hiking are common in Pago Pago (small town)
Polynesia Island/What is it? American Samoa
-Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane -Carrier: Quantas (QF)
Air Gateways/Carriers? Australia
-Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch -Carrier: Air New Zealand (NZ)
Air Gateways/Carriers? New Zealand
-Nadi, Fiji -Papeete, Tahiti -Guam
Air Gateways/Carriers? Oceania
Mosquito Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Japanese Encephalitis
Mosquito Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Yellow Fever
Food and Water Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Hepatitis A
Food and Water Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Cholera
Person to Person Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Tuberculosis
Person to Person Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Hepatitis B
Person to Person Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Meningococcal Meningitis
Animal to Person Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Tetanus
Animal to Person Yes
Transmission type/Vaccination? Rabies
Mosquito No
Transmission type/Vaccination? Dengue Fever
Mosquito No
Transmission type/Vaccination? Malaria
Food and Water No
Transmission type/Vaccination? Avian Flu
Food and Water No
Transmission type/Vaccination? Traveller's Diarrhea
Food and Water No
Transmission type/Vaccination? Typhoid Fever
Person to Person No
Transmission type/Vaccination? HIV /AIDS