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who was the british doctor that spent most of his life in africa

david livingstone

what did david livingstone want to accomplish

create highways for trade and christianity to pass into the interior of africa

what was the name of the river that david livingstone dicovered and what did he call

zambezi river victoria falls

what did the africans call the zambezi river

the smoke that thunders

wht 2 african nations were not claimed by europeans

liberia ethiopia

what were the 3 main reasons europeans had an interest in africa

economic motives political motives religous motives

how many countries were at the berlin conference


what was the reason for the berlin conference

decisions about dividing africa

which coutry was successful in resisting european control


why was ethiopia able to resist european power

they got europeans to train them and to give them weapons

what 3 groups were involved in the power struggle in southern africa

local african groups dutch/boers british

what was the african group that built an empire northeast of the orange river

the zulus

who was the leader of the zulu


what was the name of the war that happened in 1902

the boer war

what groups were involved in the boer war

dutch and british

who won the boer war


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