10 terms

ch 18 part 1

advertising plan
a subsection of the firm's overall marketing plan that explicitly Analyzes the marketing and advertising situations, identifies the objectives of the advertising campaign, Clarifies a specific strategy for accomplishing those objectives, and Indicates how the firm can determine whether the campaign was successful
pull strategy
the goal is to get the consumers to_____ the product into the supply chain by demanding it
push strategy
designed to increase demand by motivating sellers -- wholesalers, distributors, or salespeople-- to highlight the product, rather than the products of competitors, and thereby_____ the product onto consumers
informative advertising
communicates to create and build brand awareness with the ultimate goal of moving the consumer through the buying cycle to a purchase
persuasive advertising
communication used to motivate consumers to take action (page 556 in textbook)
reminder advertising
communication used to remind or prompt repurchases, especially for products that have gained market acceptance and are in the maturity stage of their life cycle
product-focused advertisement
focus on informing, persuading, or reminding consumers about a specific product or service
institutional advertisements
inform, persuade, and remind consumers about issues related to places, politics, an industry, or a particular corporation
primary demand advertising
Ads designed to generate demand for the product category or an entire industry
selective demand
demand for a specific brand