AP Human Geography - UNIT 4 - Folk and Popular Culture

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1 Definition of Custom and Habit

2 Jeans are like popular material culture

3 Folk customs primarily through relocation diffusion

4 Developed countries are primary origin of popular culture

5 Diffusion of Internet in like TV, but at a more rapid pace

6 Motels, fast food restaurants, major stores promote a uniform landscape

7 As women, in developed countries, they can gain more opportunities outside the house

8 Popular culture demands for more resources

9 Many people, despite knowing pop culture, practice folk culture for values

10 Many people feat the values of pop culture and fear it will become more dominant

11 Neo-Eclectic most popular housing in 1960s - Mansard 1960s-Now

12 States that have lowest alcohol consumption according to book = Utah LDS

13 Definition of Taboo

14 Occupation and income influences clothing in western states/pop culture

15 China has low alcohol consumption because it is not part of the people's culture/tradition

16 Bowling went from a folk culture to a popular culture

17 Indian music is an example of a folk culture

18 Folk music tells about daily life events such as farming, life, death, environment, marriage

19 Golf courses alter the landscape - Landscape pollution

20 Hoodies (clothing) are considered material culture

21 Popular culture found to be part of a large and heterogeneous society

22 Popular culture is more likely to vary in time than in a given place

23 Least important in wine production is the proximity to cities

24 American preferences for snacks and beverages vary due to where they live

25 Important source area of folk housing is Lower Chesapeake/Tidewater <?>

26 Building materials are influenced by available resources

27 Terroir defnition

28 Information about landscape pollution and resource depletion