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Stress Management

All stress and worry should be avoided.
False. Some stress is actually good because it can provide you with the extra energy you need to deal with challenging situations.
Some of the most common sources of stress in the workplace are:
Changes in the workplace and an unhealthy work environment.
The four steps used to break out of the negative stress cycle are:
Stop; Breathe; Reflect; Choose.
In what ways can connectedness help reduce stress?
Connections wiht trusted people, particularly colleagues, can provide you with reassurance, and can help you gain perspective and perhaps new ideas for solutions.
Chronic worriers often subject themselves to negative automatic thoughts that contribute to their worry and stress.
True. To combat chronic worrying, you can reshape such negative self-talk into more positive and healthy messages.
Which of the following is the easiest and least expensive antidote to worry?
What do you need to prepare for the relaxation response?
Aquiet place, a quiet mind, and a comfortable position.
Which of the following activities can be used as stress busters?
Laughing about an amusing story.
Which of the following is not an effective response to a colleague who tells you he's extremely worried about something?
Suggest several possible solutions to his problem
The most effective way to counter the negative effects of toxic worry is to:
Reverse the worry equation by increasing your sense of power and decreasing your sense of vulnerability.