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Who is the Pardoner?

church official

How does he make a living?

selling relics, preaching and begging

Why do the rioters go looking for death?

Plan to get even for the deaths of their friends

How is death portrayed in the tale (2 ways)?

The price of wickedness and a actual person

Who prevents a fight between the Pardoner and the Host?


After the Pardoner tells his tale what does he offer to do for his fellow travelers?

Sell them relics

Death "isn't one to hide for all your prating" is an example of what kind of irony?

Verbal irony

What is ironic about the attitude that the old man has about death?

He looks for death

What is situational irony? Give an example of this in the tale.

After the rioters search for death, they murder on each other

What is the purpose of the knight's quest?

Learn what women want

11. Who gives him the quest?

The queen

What does the knight see before he sees the old woman?

More than 24 women dancing

According to the old woman, what do all women really want?

Mastery over their husbands

In exchange for giving the knight the answer, what does the old woman demand?

To marry the knight

How does the knight show that he has learned his lesson?

Asks his wife to decide what form she should take

What does the old woman argue about concerning gentility and virtue? What is her position on these issues?

They cannot be inherited

What does her attitude toward marriage show?

She is a strong person with a keen sense of her rights

What is satire? What class of people does Chaucer satirize?

Making fun of something or someone; the clergy

Who narrates the tale of the knight and the old woman?

Wife of bath

What is the difference between the narrator and the author of a work?

The narrator tells the story and the author actually created it

What is a couplet?

2 lines in succession that rhyme

Would the Wife of Bath be considered modest?


What is the function of the Prologue?

Introduce the characters

Which character in the Tales most closely resembles Chaucer?


With which character does Chaucer begin the Tales?


Which character prefers philosophy to riches?

Oxford cleric

Name some members of the skilled crafts guilds.

Haberdasher-hat maker, dyer, carpenter, weavers, and carpet-maker

Which character does Chaucer flatter most? Is this profession still in practice today?

Parson, yes (minister)


disapprove of




get by threats or violence


breaks up




a gift left by means of a will


outstanding ability


limited to this world; not spiritual


ability to absorb




appeals to the senses


compares varieties of people with animals and asserts that certain physical characteristics reveal one's true character


an anecdote that teaches a moral lesson


the opposite of what is expected

Verbal irony

say one thing mean another

Situational irony

what happens is difeerent than what is expected


too great a desire for wealth


disgusting; hateful







Prudent wise

careful cautious


exceed; surpass


evidence of person's position


forgive be free of blame

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