Physics Unit 3: Newton's 1st Law


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All forces on an object are equal
0 N net force
Aristotle's Forces
Natural and Violent
Constant Speed
an object moving in a straight-line path with no net force acting on it
Law of Inertia
Another name for Newton's 1st Law, applies to both objects at rest and moving objects
A measure of the force of gravity on an object
Greater Inertia
more difficult to stop or start
the amount of matter in an object
mass on Earth vs. Moon
weight on Earth vs Moon
more on Earth because of higher gravity
Inertia varies depending on ____.
air resistance
force that opposes the motion of objects that move through the air, causes objects to fall at different rates on Earth
Lower gravity and no air resistance
5N -----> and 3N <-----
2N ---->
A 15 kg book is at rest on a table. What is the weight on Earth?
147 N
The weight of a book is 150 N. What is its mass?
15 kg
the tension on each rope of a swing
half the weight of the girl

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