Chap. 1: Intro to Prof Nursing Prac

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the founder of the nursing profession. Took care of soldiers in the Premian war. Recruited women (20 or less), developed nursing through her guidance. "Lady with the lamp"
First practicing epidemiologist - study of disease
Organized first school of nursing
Improved sanitation in battlefield hospitals
Her practices remain a basic part of nursing today
clara bartonfounded american red crossdorthea dixcare of wounded soldiershariet tubmanunderground railroadmary elize mahoneyfirst african american nurseisabel hampton robbeducator of nursinglillian wald and mary brewsterworked very much for the indigent poverty striken citizens in new york (henry street settlement)twenty-first century changes in nursing practiceHealth care reform Demographic changes Medically underserved Threat of bioterrorism Rising health care costs Nursing shortagemacrosystems-Have a dynamic influence on the environment, -Would be considered to be the outermost layer of the system (politics, society, and economics) -Ideologic and organizational in nature (WHO and Red Cross)microsystems-A small interdependent group of persons providing patient care -Often embedded in a larger organizationprofessional nursing characteristics (nursing as a profession)Requires an extended education (2-4 years entry level) Requires a body of knowledge 9theoretical base to develop skills for care provision) Provides a specific service (care delivery) Has autonomy (independent nursing actions) Incorporates a code of ethics (guidelines for practice) A professional nurse is knowledgeable, conscientious in action and responsible for these actions.goal of ANATo improve the health and well-being of all individuals, communities, and populations through the significant and visible contributions of registered nursing using standards-based practice.scope and standards of practiceNursing standards provide the guidelines for implementing and evaluating nursing care.six standards of practiceAssessment Diagnosis Outcomes Identification specific and timely, "they will report pain less than 5 by end of shift" Planning "how am I best going to improve my patients' comfort?" Implementation putting plans into action Evaluation looking at the picture, "was the assessment on target?" "was goal met?"standards of professional performanceethics, education, evidence-based practice, quality of practice, communication, leadership, collaboration, professional practice evaluation, resource utilization, and environmental healthethicspreserves and protects patient's autonomy, dignity and rights. How will you practice confidentiality? Don't discuss patient information with those not involved in patient's careeducationknowledge promotes competence and efficient use of time and care delivery.evidence-based practiceintegrate research into practice. Participate in data collection, survey's and pilot studies.quality of practicedocumentation and the application of the Nursing Processcommunicationinterdisciplinary sharing of knowledge. Bridges and barriers.leadershipEngage in teamwork. Be creative and flexible. Direct/coordinate care. Oversee licensed/unlicensed personnel.collaborationdiligent work with patients, families, physicians and other members of the health care team.professional practice evaluationfeedback from others on your care provisions. Communicate knowledge. Recognize limitations. Accountable for actions (including errors).resource utilizationEvaluate resources based on safety, effectiveness and cost impact.environmental healthpractice in safe surroundings and health promotion.QSEN competencies (quality, safety, and education for nurses)Patient-centered care (patient focus) Teamwork and collaboration (interprofessional) Evidence-based practice (clinical expertise) Quality improvement (monitor outcomes and progress) Safety (minimal risk of harm) Informatics (information and technology)Benner's stages of nursing proficiencyNovice - beginning student or situational lack of experience Advanced beginner - minimal experience with task orientation Competent - comfortable with care delivery Proficient - knowledge application with managed care Expert diverse experience and an intuitive grasp of clinical problemsautonomy and accountability-Reasonable independent and self-governing related to decision making and practice. -Professionally and legally responsible for the type and quality of nursing care provided.caregiverassisting patients to regain a state of holistic health (physical, psychological, spiritual, and social)advocateassistance to protect the patients' human and legal rightseducatoroffer explanations, demonstrate procedures, determine understanding, offer reinforcement, evaluate patient progresscommunicatorgetting to know your patient/family/community, central to the nurse-patient relationship, builds trust, supports care -Therapeutic communication Situation Background Assessment Recommendation (SBAR): systematic way of providing informationmanagerinvolves collaboration, coordination and evaluation of activities and members of the health care team Responsible to determine if care provisions are meeting professional and health care facility standardscareer developmentnursing provides an opportunity for you to commit to lifelong learning and career developmentNLN (National League for Nursing)determines standards for excellence and innovations in nursing educationANA (American Nurses Association)Nursing Social Policy, Standards of Nursing Practice, Code of EthicsICN (International Council of Nursing)efforts parallel to the ANA, provides an international power base for nursesNSNA (National Student Nurses Association)focuses on career development and licensure preparation for studentsgenomicsgene research (drugs and therapy)public perception of nursingPositive perception will draw others to the nursing professionpolicyimpact of nursing on politics and health policy Political sophistication will improve nursing's influence on health care policy and practicefuture trendsnurse extensivists, expanded levels of collaboration) IPE