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The Janissary
What is the name of the Persian military band?
The Nevel
A unique instrument that is both a stringed instrument and a drum.
The Qanun is a middle eastern lap harp that has 26 sets of strings. How many strings are in each set?
A swaying motion
What does a "snake charmer" use to "hypnotize" his snake?
The Tanbur
A Middle Eastern lute that has a very long neck to accommodate the 24 note scale from that region.
The Adhan is a call used by Muslims to remind them when it is time to pray. How many times a day can you hear the Adhan?
The Kawala
A Middle Eastern reed flute that is placed at a 45 degree angle from the mouth so that it will split the air.
The Cello
The Ghaychak is a Middle Eastern string instrument that is held between the legs of the person playing it, similar to what more familiar instrument?
The Ram
The Shofar is jewish trumpet that is made from the horn of what animal?
The Haka
What is the name of the Maori war dance that uses scary faces, loud growls and heavy movements?
What do that aboriginal people of Australia use to make the mouth pieces of the Didgeridoo?
The Bullroarer
The Purerehua is a blade shaped instrument that is swung by a rope to communicate over long distances. It is similar to what Australian instrument?
Hula Kahiko
There are two kinds of Hula dance: Hula 'Auana uses modern western music and is more graceful. The other is more traditional, is accompanied by percussion and chant, and the movements are more rhythmic. What is the other style of Hula called?
The Hano
A Hawaiian flute that is blown from the nose.
The Ukulele
A four-stringed Hawaiian lute.
Death Whistle
What type of instrument was carved to look like a human skull?
It changes the pitch
What does placing your hand in a Conch Shell while blowing through it do?
A Drum
The Cuica looks like what type instrument? Even though it is played by moving a waxed stick through the bottom of the instrument.
Instruments in a Mariachi Band
Violin, Trumpet, Guitar, Harp, Vihuela, Guitarron.
Old Oil Drums
Steel Drums are made from pounding out what discarded container?
The Teponatzli is a log drum that has slits cut into the sides. What do you use to strike this drum?
Circle Breathing
The Quena is an Incan Transverse flute. What technique is used to allow this flute to be played without a break in the sound?
Inuit Throat Singing
Sung as a game or contest between women.
A bear
The Qilaut, an Inuit drum, is accompanied with a dance that mimics what animal?
Ute Hoop Dance
Dance utilizing many wooden hoops placed in intricate patterns around and over the body.
Buffalo Horn
The Native American rattle we saw had a wooden handle attached to a hollowed out what?
A Drum
The Navajo Chant uses deep, mellow tones. It is accompanied by a pulse played on what?
How many drums are used in a Peblo Drumming Circle?
What country is the Nykelharpa from?
How many holes does the Seljefloyte have?
How many strings does the Langeliek have?
What is the name of the 3-stringed European lute that comes in 5 sizes?
If you attach a double-reed mouthpiece to a cow's horn what instrument do you create?
lute and zither
The Bandura is a combination of what two instruments?
What do you call the Yiddish band that ususally consists of a clarinet, accordian, trumpet, trombone, piano and percussion?
Does the mandolin have single or double strings?
Two materials are used when making castanets. They are string and _____?
The "triple clarinet" uses one drone and two chanters to produce three pitches at once. What is it's other name?
Just intonation
The Lira uses what kind of tuning?
So you can play two notes at the same time.
Why does the Hackbrett have 3 bridges?
Hurdy Gurdy
What instrument is considered a manual violin?
Step Dance
If someone were making intricate foot and leg motions while keeping their upper body stiff what would they be doing?
Do you pluck or strum a lute?
The Bodhran is a traditional Irish ______?
Polyrhythm, Responsorial Form, Ostinato and Use of Percussion
List the four characteristics of African World Music that are given
How many strings does the Anghbindi have
Yelli is a full-voiced singing that sounds similar to what other style of singing?
Mbira or Kalimba
Name one of the two instruments that has metal keys that you pluck with your thumbs
On the ground
When playing the Nyatiti you can hold it to your chest or _____. (fill in the blank)
So they can dance while playing
Why do the simplify the drumming in East African Drumming?
Is a Marimba made from softwood or hardwood?
The Valiha is the national instrument of what country?
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
What is the name of the world famous singing group from South Africa?
Is the Djembe performed in groups or as a solo instrument?
By squeezing the leather straps
When playing the Talking Drum how does the player alter the pitch?
An instrument with two strings
A Chinese lute that has four strings
Peking Opera
Uses a nasal timbre to project sound over long distances
Japanese drums. Played in groups with dramatic and choreographed movements.
A Japanese lute that has 3 strings
The Sho is a Japanese flute that has many vertical bamboo pipes. Which American instrument does it sound like?
A double reed flute used in religious ceremonies
A Japanese flute
An Indian string instrument with over 20 strings.
A set of two Indian drums. They are played at high speeds with both the fingers and the palm
Each year it produces more movies than America
A collection of percussion instruments that are built together and meant to be played together.
They destroy the entire set
What happens if one instrument in a Gamelan is broken?
Tuvan Throat Singing
Utilizes harmonics to sing two pitches at the same time.
Japanese instruments
Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Sho
Chinese instruments
Erhu, Pipa
Indian instruments
Sitar, Tabla