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a purely physical comedy; potty and sexual jokes, pratfalls, food fights, drinking/drug jokes, and drag costumes. This level of comedy requires almost no prior knowledge - references are to the most basic kinds of human experience.
Farce- plot-oriented comedy
(similar to situational comedy today): disguise mistaken identity, eavesdropping (intentional or unintentional), coincidences accidents, get-rich-quick schemes that back fire etc.
Romantic Comedy
Boy-get-girl, boy-lose-girl, boy-get-girl-back: humor based on delusions and pretensions of young love, misunderstandings etc. Familiarity with the conventions of love poetry often required for appreciation of satire about lovers.
Comedy of Manners
humor requires knowledge of social more and fashions referred to in plays; jokes center around social hypocrisies and pretensions. This type of comedy would probably only be funny to people who were familiar with the values and behaviors of the elite characters being satirized.
Witty Comedy
humor based on wordplay and on comic heroes who use intelligence and language to outwit their adversaries and get what they want. This type of comedy requires the highest level of previous knowledge