Unit 8 Study Guide (Biology II)

cells in tissue are __________________.
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The gland that secretes its products into ducts opening into an external or internal surface is called an _________________ gland.exocrineA merocrine gland secretion that is thin, watery, and contains high concentrations of enzymes is called ________________ fluid.serousThree functions of connective tissuesupport, protection, and fat storageThe major structural protein of the body and of white connective tissue is ________________.collagenYellow connective tissue that can be stretched and returned to its original shape is ___________________.elastinconnective issue contains both ________________ and ________________ fibers.yellow and whitespecialized form of loose connective tissueadipose tissueoccurs around the kidneys, behind the eyeballs, and around various jointsadipose tissueAdipose serves as a conserver of what?body heatAdipose tissue serves as a storehouse of _____________ for the body.energyTendons connect ________ to ______.muscle to boneLigaments connect ______ to ______.bone to boneLigaments and tendons are both examples of _________________ connective tissue.fibrousBecause the nature of its blood supply, injured cartilage heals ________________.slowlyThe intercellular material of vascular tissue is ______________.plasmaThe most rigid connective tissue is ______________.boneThe cells of reticuloendothelial tissue are usually ____________________.phagocyticThree types of muscle tissueskeletal, cardiac, smoothCoordination and regulation of body functions is the function of __________________ tissue.nervousfive functions of epithelial tissue- secretion - absorption - excretion - sensory reception - protectionThe structure of simple squamous epithelium is ___________ and ____________.thin and flatSimple squamous epithelium is found where ________________ and _______________ take place.diffusion and filtrationstructure of simple cuboidal epitheliumsingle layer of cube shaped cellsWhere is simple cuboidal epithelium found?where grandular products are secretedThe functions of simple cuboidal epithelium are ______________ and ________________.secretion and absorptionMicroscopic, hairlike projections called ________________. are a characteristic of columnar epitheliummicrovilliWhere is pseudostratified columnar epithelium found?respiratory systemDescribe the structure of stratified squamous epitheliummultiple layers of flat cells, keratinized towards topWhere is stratified squamous epithelium found?lines all cavities with access to outside and also skinWhat are the special characteristics of transitional epitheliumdistensibility and protectiondescribe glandular epitheliumcells that are specialized to produced and secrete substancesName the 8 functions of connective tissue- binds structures - support - serves as framework - fills spaces - stores fat - produces blood cells - protection against infection - repairs tissue damageHow do yellow and white connective tissue differ?White tissues are made from collagenous fibers; yellow tissues are mostly made from elastic fibers.Where is adipose tissue found?under skin; around kidneys and eyeballs; within abdomenWhat is the function of adipose tissue?protection and insulationWhat is the difference between a ligament and a tendon?Ligament connects bone to bone; tendon connects bone to muscle.What are the characteristics of bone?rigid, protective matrix containing collagen and organic saltsBone injuries heal very rapidly. Why is this true?very good blood supplyWhat is the intercellular material of vascular connective tissue?bone plasmaWhat cells are found in the intercellular material?red blood cells, white blood cells, and plateletsWhat are the characteristics of muscle tissue?contractile tissue that moves body partsWhat is the basic cell of nerve tissue?neuronWhat is the function of neuroglial cells in nerve tissue?bind, supply nutrients, phagocytosisWhat is the function of nerve tissue?allow for coordination and communication within the bodyXeroderma Pigmentosum is an inherited, abnormal reaction of the skin to ___________________.sunlightList the four major types of membranesserous, mucous, cutaneous, synovialSerous membranes are located where?in body cavities that are completely closed to the outside of the bodyMucous membranes are located where?In the lining of cavities and tubes that have openings to the outside of the bodyThe function of synovial membranes is to secrete a fluid that __________________________?reduces frictionThe outer layer of skin is called the _____________________.epidermisThe inner layer of skin is called the _____________________.dermisThe masses of connective tissue beneath the inner layers of skin are called the ____________________ ____________________.subcutaneous layerThe cells of the skin that reproduce are in the ___________________ _________________.stratum basaleThe pigment that helps protect the deeper layers of the epidermis is __________________.melaninLight-complected, fair-haired people have ______________ numbers of melanocytes than/as dark-complected dark-haired peopleequalAn irregularity shaped, blue-black colored growth on skin, especially on areas exposed intermittently to high-intensity sunlight may be a __________________.melanomaBlood vessels supplying the skin are located in the ________________.dermisThe subcutaneous layer functions as a _______________ ___________________.heat insulationThe glands usually associated with hair follicles are ___________________ ___________________.sebaceous glandsNails are produced by epidermal cells that undergo what?keratinizationWhere are sweat glands most numerous?palms and solesThe sweat glands associated with regulation of body temperature are the __________________ ____________________.eccrine glandsWhich of the following organs produces the most heat?musclesSponging the skin with water helps to increase the loss of body heat by what?evaporationList the functions of the skin- homeostasis - protective covering - body temp regulation - aids in sensing - synthesizes chemicals - excretes wasteWhat kinds of tissue are found in the skin?stratified squamous epithelium, fibrous connective, smooth muscle, nervous tissue, and bloodWhat is the function of the stratum basale?formation of new skin cellsWhat is the function of the stratum corneum?to protect underling tissueA callus or a corn is the result of an _______________ in cell reproduction in response to ________________ or _________________.Increase; rubbing or pressingDeep layers of skin are protected from the ultraviolet portion of sunlight by __________________.melaninWhat environmental factors influence skin color?sunlight, sunlamps, and x-raysThe vessels that supply to cells in both the epidermis and the dermis are located in the ______________________ ______________.subcutaneous layerHow is hair formed in the follicle?Cells at the bottom of the follicle divide and grow upward and project out of the follicle.Where are sebaceous glands located, and what is the function of the substance they secrete?located by follicle and keep hair supple and skin softWhere is the growing portion of the nail located?nail root at end of nailThe dermis is made up of what?fibrous connective tissue and elastinThe dermis contains what?blood vessels, nerve fibers, and all accessory organsThe subcutaneous layer is made up of what?loose connective tissue and adipose