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natural law
God's or nature's law that defines right from wrong and is higher than human law
Wisdom Literature
family of origin
the family in which one grows up, usually consisting of parents and siblings
wedding day mass
an agreement between human beings or between God and a human being in which mutual commitments are made.
A Jewish religious group that strictly observed and taught the Law of Moses.
refraining from extramarital, or especially from all, sexual intercourse.
exemption from a rule or usual requirement
Natural Family Planning (NFP)
A natural method of spacing the birth of children in a marriage, practiced by recognizing the wife's fertile period and engaging in chaste abstinence from sexual relations during that time.
mixed marriage
Describes a marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian.
Interfaith marriages
A marriage in which the husband and wife are from different religions
A wedding ceremony in which a man and a woman in a civil marriage have their marital union recognized and blessed by the Church.
The declaration by the Church that a marriage is null and void, that is, it never existed as a sacramental union. Catholics who divorce must have the marriage annulled by the Church to be free to marry once again in the Church.
- The church teaches that contraception is wrong because it interferes with God's intended reason for sexual intercourse and plan for how to bring life into the world
Church beliefs on abortion
- Morally wrong because it is the same as murder
in vitro fertilization
fertilizing the ovum in a laboratory situation and implanting the woman's womb
what does it mean that marriage is a sacrament at the service of communion?
it is a promise between those two people and God and promotes salvation of others
how does the church define marriage?
the union between a catholic man and woman open to new life
what does the church teach about homosexuality both in terms of when homosexuality should be sinful and why homosexual marriage is not accepted in the catholic church?
Homosexual orientation is not a sin in the same way that heterosexual orientation is not a sin
Acting on that orientation is a sin however because it is not open to the possibility of life.
How is the love of spouses supposed to reflect the love of and for God and Christ?
the love that we give to our spouse should represent the law that God showed to the church
what does the old testament teach us about marriage
marriage is to protect us from the consequences of the Original Sin. Which can also be a method to help us better understand God.
how does the new testament further support and enhance the church teachings about marriage.
higher standard for marriage should be broken only by death.
how is family of origin different form biological family?
what is involved in proximate preparation for marriage and why is it so important?
self awareness awareness of sexuality
questions asked during the sacrament of marriage
history of theology of the body and how it complements and enhances church teachings about sexuality
4 responsibilities with marriage
Be Unified

2. Be faithful

3. Be fruitful

4. Fulfill your responsibilities to your family
why is contraception seen as wrong while NFP is not
NFP is a natural way and it doesn't completely eliminate the chance of pregnancy
why do catholics call the domestic church?
Family is a place where all memebers should be able to develop a relationship with God
4 steps to marriage
meet with the priest set a date with the church
pre cana retreat overnight
the nuptial mass