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  1. waves used to kill cancer cells
  2. unit of measurement of sound frequency
  3. sound wave
  4. as wave frequency increases, wavelength ____________
  5. as temperature increases, the speed of sound __________________
  1. a gamma
  2. b hertz
  3. c increases
  4. d decreases
  5. e compression wave that transfers energy by vibrating particles in a medium

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  1. none of the light waves get through
  2. remote controls, laser pointers, heat lamps
  3. mechanical, electromagnetic
  4. red
  5. decibels

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  1. EM waves that bees can seespeed of light


  2. waves with the highest frequenciesgamma waves


  3. transparent
    some of the light waves get through and some are scattered


  4. factors affecting the speed of soundmedium and temperature


  5. color of visible light with highest frequencyviolet