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  1. uses of infrared waves
  2. higher frequency makes a ________ pitch
  3. EM waves that bees can see
  4. waves used to kill cancer cells
  5. speed of EM waves
  1. a remote controls, laser pointers, heat lamps
  2. b higher
  3. c speed of light
  4. d gamma
  5. e ultraviolet

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  1. use of ultrasound to detect objects
  2. measure of the energy or amplitude of a wave
  3. the change in perceived pitch that occurs when the source of a sound is moving
  4. how high or low a sound is
  5. x-rays

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  1. waves that require a medium to travel are called_________________, and those that can travel in a vacuum are called_______________________mechanical, electromagnetic


  2. factors affecting the speed of soundradio waves


  3. as temperature increases, the speed of sound __________________increases


  4. what determines what color an object is?the color that is reflected by the object and the color of light hitting the object


  5. as wave frequency increases, wavelength ____________higher