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MMC4 INI Mistakes


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More luxurious
more luxury
We chose
we choose
Additive free
free aditive
Preservative free
free preservative
Needs of our Target
the demand of our target
European women
european woman
Like eating
like eat
Follows all the trends
follow all the trend
They are reading
they reading
We are thinking about collaborating
we think to collaborate
To create a partnership
make partnership
To be better known
to be more known
We will present
we will to present
For forty years
since forty years
The company is 40 years old
the company, she have 40 years old
200 employees
200 salary
Two thousand five hundred
two thousand and five hundred
I'm talking about our product
i speak about our product
Take care of
take care about
Two ranges
two range
To justify
to justifiate
The last few years
the last years
Foreign investors
stranger investors
50 million inhabitants
50 millions of inhabitants
Standard of living
life level
Greater purchasing power
more important purchasing power
I introduce
i go to introduce
more old
Women who are 15 years old
women who have 15 years old
Why did we choose it ?
why we choose it
The currency of china
devise of chine
Three pieces
three piece
The price matches our product
the price corespond of our price
We chose two countries
we choose two country
Effective ads
efficace ads
French people
a French people
He has
he have
World Famous
world notourious
He is more than 40 years old
he has more 40 years old
Be represented
be represent
In the picture
at the picture
There is not that much
there is no that much
The colour of self confidence
the colour of self confident
We want to show
we want show
That's why
it's for that
Flyers look cheap
flyers looks cheap
The softest chocolate you have ever eaten
the most soft chocolate you have never eaten