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Magna Carta

great charter; trail by one's peers(equals); limited Government

Due Process of Law


6th admendment

criminal prosecution

7th admendment

civil prosecution

Petition of Rights

prohibited king from imprisioning political critics without a jury trail; king/queen must obey the law

English Bill of Rights

applied to english citizens and american colonists; king/ queen must have parliment approval

Eighth Admendment

not to be subjected to cruel or unusal punishment

Women's Sufferage


19th Admendment

women's right to vote


Great Britian and England's government; house of lords and commons

Upper chamber

house of lords

Lower chamber

house of commons

John Locke


Two Treastises on civil government


Thomas Hobbes

"state of nature"


Thomas Hobbes

Jean Jacques Rousseau

freedom/liberty in a society

social contract

people right to tell how to be governed


first political writer; "seperate but equal"


written grant or authority

May Flower Compact

41 men 1. direct gov't 2. major rule 3. equal treatment of adult white men

Social Contract

understanding between people and government


a model


power to govern


law making body

First colonial constitution

fundamental order of connecticut

first national constitution

article of confederation

first colonial legislature

virginia house of burgesis

first national legislature


Pennsylvania Frame of Government

model for US Constitution

Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges

model for Bill of Rights


Refusing to purchase


British soldiers


citizen soldier

Goal of second continental congress

peace with british parliment

Common Sense

Thomas Paine wrote it mocked the king; pro independant newsletter


legal authority


loyal to country favored independance


Colonists; loyal to Great Britian

National Rights

Life Liberty and Property and 2 treasties

Inalienable Rights

life liberty and pusuit of happiness; Thomas Jefferson

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