13 terms

AP psych ch. 16 and 17

Who emphasized the importance of transference in the therapeutic process?
Sigmund Freud
During her weekly therapy sessions, Sabrina will often abruptly shift the focus of her attention and lose her train of thought. A psychoanalyst would suggest that this illustrates:
Client-centered therapists emphasize the importance of:
enabling clients to feel unconditionally accepted
In order to help Adam reduce his fear of dogs, a therapist encourages him to physically relax and then simply imagine that he is walking toward a friendly and harmless little dog. The therapist's technique best illustrates:
systematic desensitization.
In order to help Janet overcome her nearly irresistible craving for chocolate, a therapist provides her with a supply of chocolate candies that contain solidified droplets of a harmless but very bitter-tasting substance. This approach to treatment best illustrates:
a. systematic desensitization.
aversive conditioning.
Recognizing that depressed people do not exhibit the self-serving bias common in nondepressed people is most helpful for appreciating which therapeutic approach?
cognitive therapy
Delinquent boys put through Scared Straight programs said they were now ________ likely to be law-abiding. Compared with delinquent boys not assigned to Scared Straight, they became _______ likely to commit new offenses.
more; more
Which of the following factors is not a therapeutically effective component of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing?
rapidly moving one's eyes
The most effective psychotherapists are those who:
establish an empathic, caring relationship with their clients
Which of the following drugs is most likely to provide schizophrenia patients with some relief from their auditory hallucinations and paranoia?
Which of the following is a selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitor?
Patients receive a general anesthetic and muscle relaxant prior to treatment with:
Considering the greatest range of factors that may contribute to the process of healing is most clearly facilitated by a(n) ________ approach to therapy.