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World History Unit 5 essential questions

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How does cultural interactions lead to positive change?
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Cultures can disagree on many situations and this leads to a negative change. The most common negative change is war. Every single war that has occurred starts off with two or more sides disagreeing on a something. Most of the time, it is different cultures that are fighting these wars. When cultures interact, they can also spread harmful diseases that one culture might be immune to, but the other is not. This can lead to a total extinction of a culture. These different types of negative changes can lead to a wipe out of a whole culture.
Conflict usually occurs between different cultures when making first contact because of the lack of communication. The two cultures might not speak the same language. Two cultures also might disagree on religious beliefs. For example, one culture might believe in Christianity, but the other culture might believe in the Muslim religion. Therefore there would be a conflict on whether or not Jesus is the messiah. Conflicts occur because of the different culture and way of life is not agreed on or understood. This the reason that conflict occurs between different cultures.
The interaction between cultures can have a short impact. When a deadly disease interacts with a culture, it can kill off the people in a short amount of time. Another impact is the local trade the cultures have with each other. This trade can stay a short and temporary agreement or can become a long term deal. In some cases, a short war is a short- term impact because the interaction between the cultures could have been bad and a brief war broke out. These are impacts that briefly effect the interaction between cultures.
Cultural interactions can lead to long term impacts between the cultures. A long term impact is the blend of mixed cultures. This is long term because this blend continues for many generations. When cultures interact, they also claim land to settle on. This is a long- term impact on the land. The land could slowly, over time, form into a country. These long term impacts can go on for a long time and even effect us in the modern day.