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Global Climate: Vulnerability and Resilience 2 (2019)


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Those portions of Earth's surface where water is in solid form.
Mass balance
The difference between the amount of snowfall gained by a glacier or ice sheet, and the amount of ice lost through the processes of calving (blocks breaking off) and/ or melting.
A worldwide change in average sea level resulting from a warming or cooling climate affecting the volume and/ or depth of water in the oceans.
Extreme weather event
An occurrence such as drought or a storm which appears unusually severe or long lasting and whose magnitude lies at the extreme range of what has been recorded in the past.
Large planetary-scale plant and animal communities covering vast areas of the Earth's continents.
A 'cold desert' ecosystem composed of tough short grasses that survive in extremely cold, sometimes waterlogged, conditions at high latitudes where trees cannot grow.
Tree line
The boundary between the coniferous forest and tundra biomes.
Food insecurity
When people cannot grow or buy the food they need to meet basic needs.
Case study of climate change vulnerability in a MIC.
The Philippines.
How many people were killed by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 - the strongest storm ever recorded making landfall in the Philippines.
6,300 people
How many people have lost their lives in the Philippines to the combined effects of different natural hazards in the last 20 years?
Around 60,000 people.
Case study of climate change vulnerability in a HIC city.
Name of flood barrier in London.
The Thames Flood Barrier
Any action intended to reduce GHG emissions.
Any action designed to protect people from the harmful impacts of climate change but without tackling the underlying problem of rising GHG emissions.
Global geopolitical effort to tackle climate change issues.
Paris Agreement (2016).
Regional agreement to tackle climate change.
Cap and trade
An environmental policy that places a limit on the amount a natural resource can be used, identifies the resource users, divides this amount up into shares per user, and allows users to sell their shares if they do not wish to use them directly.
A way of compensating for your emissions.
Carbon offsetting
The deliberate, large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment in order to counteract anthropogenic climate change.

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