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Specialized preparations designed to help equalize porosity and deposit a base color in one application.


A system for understanding the relationships of color is called

The Law of Color

A lightener that is strong enough for high lift blonding, but gentle enough fo use on the scalp

Cream Lightener

A product that is prepared by combining permanent hair color, hydrogen peroxide and shampoo

Highlighting Shampoo Tint

A mixture of shampoo and hydrogen peroxide creates a

Highlighting Shampoo

A no lift deposit only color that adds shine and tone to the hair is called a


A process that lightens and clors hair in a single application is known as

Single-process haircoloring

A patch test is generally conducted behind the ear or on the

Inside of the elbow

A combination of equal parts of prepared tint and shampoo that is applied to hair like regular shampoo is called a

Soap cap

Contains a powdered oxidizer that is added to hydrogen peroxide to increase its lifting power


After the hair goes through the 10 stages of decolorizing, the color that is left in the hair is known as its


An example of a natural or vegetable hair color obtained from the leaves or bark of plants is


Chemical compounds that lighten hair by dispersing, dissolving and decolorizing the natural hair pigment are


Colored mousses and gels are considered to be what haircolor catagory


Colors achieved by mixing equal parts of two primary colors are called

Secondary colors

Colors tones that are golden, orange, red and yellow are considered to be

Warm tones

Colors tone that are blue, green, and violet are considered to be

Cool tones

Equal parts of blue and yellow mixed together create


Equal parts of red and yellow mixed together create


Equal parts of red and blue mixed together create


Hair texture is determined by the _________ of the individual hair.


Haircolor that is able to deposit without lifting because they are less alkaline and are mixed with a a low volume developer is


Haircolor that is mixed with a developer and remains in the hair shaft until the new growth of hair occurs is called


Haircoloring products fall into four classifications including temporary, semipermanent, and

Permanent and demipermanent

Metallic haircolors are also called

Gradual colors

One safety precaution in haircoloring is to never apply tint if __________ are present


Permanent haircolor is applied by either the bowl-and-brush method or with

An applicator bottle

Porous hair of the same color level will lighten faster than hair that is nonporous, because the bleaching agent can enter the ___________ more rapidly.


Primary and secondary colors that are positioned opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be

Complementary colors

Products created to remove artificial pigment frmo the hair are known as

Color or tint removers

The predominant tonality of an existing color is referred to as a

Base color

The cortex or middle layer of the hair gives strength and elasticity and contributes about ______ to the overall strength of the hair


The strength of a color tone is referred to as the


The measure of the potential oxidation of varying strengths of hydrogen peroxide is


The cuticle of the hair protects the interior and contributes _______ to the overall strength of the hair


The U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act prescribes that a patch test, also called ____________ test, can be given 24 to 48 hours prior to an applcation of aniline derivative tint.

A predisposition

The term used to describe the warmth or coolness of a color is

Tone or tonality

The preliminary strand test will tel you how the hair will react to the color formula and indicate

Processing time

The method used to analyze the lightness or darkness of a hair color, whether natural or artificial, is called

The Level System

The tint formula in permanent haircolor contains uncolored __________, which are small compounds that can diffuse into the hair shaft

Dye precursors

The melanin found in red hair is called


The melanin that gives black and brown color to hair is known as


The ability fo the hair to absorb moisture is called


The haircolor that partially penetrates the hair shaft and stains the cuticle layer, slowly fading with each shampoo, is known as


The number of hairs per square inch on the head relates to the hair's


The _____ that is added to hydrogen peroxide to increase its chemical action is known as the activator


The two methods of parting hair for a foil technique are

Slicing and weaving

The free-form technique of hair painting is also called


The first important guideline when color services do not turn out as planned or expected is

Do not panic

The system for understanding __________ is the Law of Color

Color relationships

The process of treating gray or very resistant hair to allow for better penetration of color is known as


To some degree, the _______ is designed to protect the school or salon owner from responsibility for accidents or damages

Release statement

An activator is added to ________ to increase its chemical action or lifting power.

Hydrogen peroxide

Three types of hair lighteners are

Oil, cream and powder.

What product is used to open the cuticle of the hair fiber so that tint can penetrate it?

Alkalizing agent

When performing retouches on red hair, the reds will last longer if you create them using a separate formula with a _____________ haircolor product applied to the mid-shaft and ends of the strand.


When arranging for a haircolor services consultation, _____________ walls are recommended

White or neutral

When applying haircoloring products, always follow

Manufacturer's directions

Which type of lightener is not used directly on the scalp?


Which type of haircolor product uses the largest pigment molecules?


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