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depicts a network in broad scope.

1. A physical topology


2. Without _____________, a bus network would suffer from signal bounce.


3. In a ring network, each workstation acts as a(n) _________ for the transmission.


4. A complex combination of pure topologies is known as a ________ topology.


5. The most common logical topologies are __________ and ring.


6. A ______ is simply a linked series of devices.


7. In packet switching, when packets reach their destination node, the node _____ them based on their control information.


8. Collectively, MPLS labels are sometimes called a ___________.


9. All Ethernet networks, independent of their speed or frame type, use an access method called ___________.


10. A _________when two transmission interfere with each other.

Data transceiver

Nearly all NICs contain (n) _________, device that transmit and receives data signals.


12. By far, the most popular expansion board NIC is one that uses a(n) ________ bus.


13. PCIe slots vary depending on the number of ______ they support.


14. CompactFlash is an example of a peripheral device attached to the computer's ______ bus.


15. The primary difference between the two USB standards is ____________.


16. _________ is a set of data or instructions that has been saved to a ROM (read-only memory) chip (which is on the NIC).


17. Each time a computer starts up, the device drivers for all its connected peripherals are loaded into ______________.


18. If the ___________ NIC LED indicator is blinking, the NIC is functioning and receiving frames.


19. A(n) ________________ is the circuit board wire over which a device issues voltage to signal this request.


20. _________ is a type of microchip that requires very little energy to operate.


21. ISDN PRI uses ___________ B channels and one 64-KbPS D channel.


22. The speed of a T-carrier depends on its ___________ level.

Smart Jack

23. At the customer's demarcation point, either inside or outside the building, the T-carrier wire pairs terminate with a ____________.


24. A _______ aggregates multiple DSL subscriber lines and connects them to the carrier's CO.


25. Broadband cable requires many subscribers to share the same local line, thus raising concerns about _________ and actual (versus theoretical) throughput.

Fixed packet

26. What sets ATM apart from Ethernet is its ________ size.

Fault tolerance

27. SONET's extraordinary __________ results from its use of a double-ring topology over fiber-optic cable.

OC (Optical Carrier) level

28. The data rate of a particular SONET ring is indicated by its _____________, a rating that is internationally recognized by networking professionals and standards organizations.


29. _________ networking refers to a dialing directly into a private network's or ISP's remote access server to log on to a network.


30. _________ is the preferred communications protocol for remote access communications.


31. In wireless communication, to exchange information, two antennas must be tuned to the same _________.


32. A directional antenna issues wireless signals along a(n) __________ direction.


33. In ________, a wireless signal splits into secondary waves when it encounters an obstruction.


34. ________ is a most significant problem for wireless communications because the atmosphere is saturated with electromagnetic waves.


35. In ________ wireless systems, the result is a point-to-point link.


36. In _________ scanning, the station transmits a special frame, known as a probe, on all available channels within its frequency range.

Sequence control

37. A unique characteristic of the 802.11 data frame is its ______ field.


38. The average geographic range for an 802.11a antenna is ________ meters.


39. ________ is the least popular WLAN standard.


40. An 802.11g antenna has a geographic range of ________ meters.

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