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  1. solution
  2. suspension
  3. element
  4. electron
  5. atom
  1. a basic unit of matter
  2. b pure substance consisting entirely of one type of atom
  3. c mixture where all components are even distributed
  4. d negatively charged particle circulating around the nucleus
  5. e mixtures of water and nondissolved materials

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  1. the substance that is dissolved
  2. Formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another
  3. atoms of the same element but with a different number of neutron
  4. solution witha lower concentration of hydrogen ions than water
  5. neutral particle of an atom

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  1. pH scalemeasures the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution


  2. cohesionan attraction between molecules of the same substance


  3. buffera weak acid or weak base that prevents sudden changes in pH


  4. van der waals forceforce of attraction between large molecules


  5. solventthe substance in which the solute is dissolved