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Ch. 9-10 (History Exam)

Louisiana Purchase
Prior to the __________, Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on an expedition through upper LA
Saint Dominique
France's inability to reconquer ______ helped convince Napoleon to sell Louisiana
President ______ failed in his attempt to purchase West Florida from Spain
political aspirations
Aaron Burr hated Alexander Hamilton because Hamilton doubted Burr's character, and sabotaged his _____
South, West
Support for the War of 1812 was strongest in the ____ and the ____
Andrew Jackson
The American victory at New Orleans gained great national fame for______
James Monroe
Newspaper reporters used the term "era of good feelings" to describe the presidency of ______
The Missouri Compromise attempted to calm growing differences over the issue of _____
white males
A major change in American politics by the late 1820s was mass participation through wider voting rights for _________.
Which group was an active participant in the 2nd Great Awakening?
nullification crisis
The Force Bill was designed to deal with the ______
Causes- Americans are angered by impressment, Americans want to expand into Canada, American merchants resent the British barriers to trade with France
Consequences- Native Americans are weakened, loss of trade during war leads to growth of American manufacturing, America proves their strength to the British
Discus the main causes and consequences of the War of 1812.
It admitted Missouri as a slave state, Maine as a free state, and prohibited slavery in the northern Louisiana Purchase
Discus how the Missouri compromise attempted to solve disputes over slavery.
It enhanced Jackson's appeal as the honest tribune of the people. Southerners sided with Jackson because they feared that Adams might use federal power against slavery.
Discuss how Jackson's loss of election set the stage for his victory the next election
private corporation
Dartmouth College vs. Woodward was a Supreme Court decision that prohibited states from interfering with the privileges granted to a ______
Henry Clay
The main architect of the Missouri Compromise was...
Andrew Jackson
The first president candidate from the Democratic party was
government jobs
The spoils system features a strategy in which the victorious party gave _______ to its supporters and removed the appointees of the defeated party
the West
Under the Indian Removal Act, most Indians were sent to _____
page 281. (?)
The person responsible for the Panic of 1837 was
South Carolina
The nullification controversy occurred in the state of