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Unit 4 - Chapter 16


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right away
adv- immediately
(e.g. Do you want to start -?)
conjunction- used to talk about a choice between two or more possibilities
(e.g. I didn't know - or not to go.)
make up mind
v- to make a decision
(e.g. I haven't - whether to go yet.)
conjunction- every time or at any time
(e.g. You can go - you want.)
adj- helping you to do or achieve something
(e.g. She made some - suggestions.)
adj- happening or produced every day or once a day
(e.g. He exercises -.)
v- a statement that something is true, although you have not proved it
(e.g. She -ed that the dog attacked her.)
n- an occasion when someone discovers something
(e.g. Scientists have made some important -ies about genetics recently.)
on the other hand
conjunction- used when you are comparing two different ideas or opinions
(e.g. Computer games develop many skills, -, they mean kids don't get enough exercise.)
v- to store sounds or pictures using electronic equipment, a camera, etc so that you can listen to them or see them again
(e.g. a -ed message)
adj- to stand, stay, sit, etc without moving
(e.g. Sit - so I can brush your hair.)
in fact
conjunction- used when giving more information about something
(e.g. "Is Isabel coming?" "Yes. -, she should be here soon.")
adv- in a way which you do not know or do not understand
(e.g. Don't worry, we'll fix it -.)
v- to try to find an answer to a problem
(e.g. Doctors are still -ing for a cure.)
n- the details or reasons that someone gives to make something clear or easy to understand
(e.g. What's your - for the team's poor performance?)