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  1. the process whereby rocks broken down by chemical and pyshical forces
  2. a solid, cohesive, aggregate of one or more cyrstalline minerals ex: granite
  3. where plates come together
  4. cyrstalline minerals solidfied by motlen magma from deep in the earths interior
  5. a hot pliable layer of rock that surrounds the earth's core and underlies the crust
  6. mountain ridges on the ocean floor created where molten magma is forced up through cracks in the planet's crust

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  1. crustthe cool, lightweight, outermost layer of the earths surface that floats on the soft pliable underlaying layers


  2. sedimentary rockdepositied material that remains in place long enough or is covered with enough material to compact into stone


  3. tsunamigiant siesmic sea swells that move rapidly from the center of an earthquake


  4. metamorphic rockigneous and sedimentary rocks modified heat, pressure, and chemical reaction


  5. mass wastingmass movement or geologic materials downhill caused my rockslides avalanches or simple slumping


  6. tectonic (or lithospheric) platesigneous and sedimentary rocks modified heat, pressure, and chemical reaction